Forrester TEI study

The Total Economic Impact™ of Leapwork

Study shows an ROI of 209% with a payback time of less than 6 months*

Leapwork helps enterprises overcome QA challenges and unlock significant ROI through our visual test automation platform. To help quantify the benefits of visual test automation, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study on our platform.


Key findings from the study

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*Estimates based on Forrester TEI methodology and projected over 3 years


“Our testing coverage of customer service applications has grown drastically. I think we are now doing five times as much as we were doing three years ago.” -  Senior Manager, Quality Engineering, Financial Services Customer
(interviewed by Forrester)

You can now download a copy of the study and access the Leapwork ROI Estimator for a high-level estimate of the impact of our platform on your business.


Page created: 12/09/2023
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Download the study here