What's the Difference between Test Automation and RPA?

Claus Topholt

CPO and co-founder of Leapwork

Both test automation and RPA are here to take over repetitive and boring tasks. The question is: how are they different? 

Comparing test automation and RPA

RPA (robotic process automation) and test automation can seem quite similar, if you haven’t been working closely with both.

Test automation and RPA tools can be used across a wide range of departments – only your imagination sets the limits. 

By taking a look at how RPA is defined, we found similarities with the concept of visual GUI/UI test automation. The most substantial difference is in the environment.

Get the facts

Read our ebook that outlines similarities and differences to clarify which type of automation you should be using – and what you should be using them for.  

This ebook contains information about the scope of each automation tool, a table of similarities and an outline of the differences.

Download the ebook to gain more in-depth knowledge about how to:

  • Use the different automation tools

  • Select the right automation tool

  • Divide the automation environments

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