Customer Use Case

SaaS organization improves the quality of its web products and builds a CI/CD pipeline

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  • NET .NET
  • Software IT
Automation type
  • Regression Testing Regression
  • CI-CD    CI/CD


Key Results

  • 2,000 automated tests executed every week
  • Successful transition to CI/CD 
  • 42% test coverage, and growing 


One of our customers is a SaaS organization that provides fundraising and digital collaboration tools for corporate boards.

With ambitious goals to double revenue and scale their operations, the company needed to get products to market as quickly as possible and minimize customer churn. Quality is one of their central values, so the aim was to increase the number and speed of releases without jeopardizing the customer experience.

To meet this goal, an ambitious objective to make product development more agile and introduce a CI/CD framework was decided on. Scalable test automation was seen as integral to success. Selenium and other code-based automation solutions were tried, but these required staff members with the requisite programming knowledge to set up and maintain, which perpetuated the challenge of keeping up with growing requirements.


Leapwork was ultimately chosen due to the ease and speed that non-developers could build and maintain regression tests. Leapwork has been integrated into the CI/CD pipeline and configured to trigger automatically when code is pushed, then report on results to provide immediate feedback. Today, a team of 12 testers use Leapwork to execute over 2,000 tests every week.

“If we did this (testing) manually, we would spend weeks, months – maybe even years!”
Software Testing Team Lead

Now, test automation is no longer limited to developers. It is accessible to people with a wider variety of technical and functional skillsets, which has cleared the resource bottleneck and enabled improved (and growing) test coverage.

With Leapwork in place, the QA team can test more often, accelerate new feature deployments, and meet business expectations to build in customer requirements at a faster pace.


Watch the webinar: continuous testing in agile, CI/CD environments

In this on-demand webinar, Leapwork's Automation Delivery Director, Rishi Gaurav, will cover:

  • The benefits of no-code continuous testing
  • How to integrate testing into a CI/CD environment
  • A demo of testing with Jenkins and Leapwork