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Simply the easiest way to automate testing of IBM applications

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100% accurate automation of IBM applications

Completely accurate UI automation of IBM web and desktop applications

Never type a single line of code

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform lets both technical and non-technical specialists design UI automation flows, without ever typing or reading a single line of code – and then execute cases with the click of a button.

The shortest learning curve on the market

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform is a fully featured UI automation tool. Users can build and execute automation cases from day one with the flowchart-based designer.


Build automation with building blocks

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform comes with a comprehensive set of blocks for building UI automation flows for desktop and web applications. The building blocks natively supports IBM applications, and there is a building block for automating anything that happens on screen - in and between applications regardless of the technologies in use.


Automate IBM applications among many other applications and technologies

LEAPWORK natively supports WinForms, WPF, Windows Universal Applications, Win32, Qt, Java, SAP GUI and several other platforms. At its core, the LEAPWORK Automation Platform relies on four major UI automation technologies, making it possible to automate any web and desktop application.

Automate your IBM applications with LEAPWORK

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Advanced capabilities, simple to operate

Build cases visually

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform enables do-it-yourself automation without the need for programming. UI automation cases are built as flowcharts on a design canvas by putting together powerful building blocks. The blocks include all the logic needed for automating technologies.

Collaborate on one platform

Design, execute, schedule, and monitor UI automation in one place. Work on automation cases in teams, share project assets, and set up feedback loops across departments. The LEAPWORK Automation Platform is a tool for specialists, generalists, and management alike.

Get help when needed

With LEAPWORK, you are never alone. Our skilled automation specialists are available on-demand for live support and to answer questions on all technical levels. Online help articles, product documentation, and an extensive Learning Center are all freely available.

Fully featured automation tool for
IBM applications

Run cases on-premises and in the cloud

Run UI automation cases on any device. Do it on premises, in closed networks, or in the cloud. A centralized Controller component takes care of scheduling and monitoring.

Support continuous delivery

Plug LEAPWORK into your CD pipeline and integrate with build and release systems using our public REST API. LEAPWORK comes with native plugins for Jenkins, TFS, TeamCity, and Bamboo and can also be integrated with bug management systems. Set up triggers for scripts, web services, and more.

Automate across applications

Automate seamlessly across systems and environments, e.g. between a website and a desktop application. Even data can be transferred between applications within the same flow.

Build reusable components

Any parts of UI automation flows can be re-used between cases, shared across teams, and be parameterized as needed. Never build the same sequence more than once.

Drive automation with external data

Run cases with automated data input from spreadsheets, databases, PowerShell scripts more. Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests and use the results live in cases.

Customize automation strategies

Improve the reliability of automation cases by setting up fail-safe methods for how LEAPWORK interacts with application elements. By using the Strategy Editor, you can define an approach for retrieving any element specified in automation cases.

Automate IBM applications around-the-clock

Schedule cases for repeated execution

Scheduling of automation cases is completely customizable in terms of frequency, time of day, and more. Cases can be executed on an ad hoc basis or be scheduled to run as often as needed around the clock.

Streamline maintenance with detailed logs

When executed, every single step and activity in an automation case are documented in three ways: A video recording, a debugging view, and a text log with timestamps. This makes it very easy to go through automation cases step by step for troubleshooting and identifying where cases fail.

Report on project status

Make the right decisions with powerful live dashboards and reports. Reports are exportable and fully customizable by using filtering and grouping options. Visualize case performance data using dashboards of charts and widgets.


Automate your IBM applications now

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