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QA Automation with LEAPWORK

Simply the easiest way for users on all business levels to automate QA testing of web and desktop applications.

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Automate across technologies

One platform for QA automation of any web and desktop application.


Never type a single line of code

Build QA automation flows from day one powered by LEAPWORK's visual flowchart engine.


Save precious time during sprints

Let automation agents run regression tests to implement agile testing in your pipeline.


Build QA automation for web and desktop

With LEAPWORK, anyone can design and execute QA automation test cases as visual flowcharts. The result is test automation that is robust and reliable. Automate any application thanks to native support of desktop technologies combined with Selenium-based web automation.

Works with all popular web and desktop
applications and technologies



QA automation of any desktop application 

Automate desktop applications of the most widely used frameworks, platforms, and third-party controls with LEAPWORK's native identification of objects and elements.


Cross-browser, cross device QA automation for web

Run your web automation cases on your local device, an onsite Selenium Grid, or a cloud service to run in parallel and across browsers and platforms. The LEAPWORK Automation Platform comes with built-in Sauce Labs and BrowserStack integrations.


“I’ve automated my entire regression suite saving me three days of testing each month. ”

Rick Tracy, Test Manager, Rabobank

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Fully featured QA automation


Drive automation with external data

Run cases with automated input from spreadsheets, databases, scripts, and more. Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests and use the results live in cases. The transfer of data and values are simply represented as arrows in automation flows.


Build reusable components

Any parts of test automation flows can be combined into custom blocks to be re-used between cases, shared across teams, and parameterized as needed. Build sequences only once and keep maintenance workload to an absolute minimum.


Plug into your DevOps pipeline

Integrate with pipeline orchestrators as well as build and release systems using our public REST API. LEAPWORK comes with native plugins for Jenkins, TFS, TeamCity, and Bamboo and can also be integrated with bug management systems. Set up triggers for scripts, web services, and more.


Schedule for repeated execution

Scheduling of test automation cases is completely customizable in terms of frequency, time of day, and more. Cases can be executed on an ad hoc basis or be scheduled to run as often as needed around the clock.


Little maintenance, easy debugging

When executed, every single step and activity in an automation case are documented in three ways: A video recording, a debugging view, and a log with timestamps. This makes it very easy to go through cases step by step for troubleshooting and finding out why cases fail.


Report on project status

Make the right decisions with powerful live dashboards and reports. Reports are exportable and fully customizable by using filtering and grouping options. Visualize case performance data using dashboards of charts and widgets.

Premium support and service

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Extensive learning center 

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Live chat support with experts

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Frequent product updates

QA capabilities for all technologies

SAP automation

From verifying cross-application processes to generating master data, LEAPWORK comes with built-in capabilities ideal for SAP automation.

Image recognition

The image and text recognition technology of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform is a powerful approach to automating Citrix, graphics, games, and native mobile applications.

Platform technologies centered

Web automation

Automate any website and web application with LEAPWORK’s web automation capabilities powered by the world-leading browser automation framework, Selenium.

Desktop automation

Automate daily work processes and test business-critical systems in and across applications with LEAPWORK’s Desktop UI technology.

Build QA automation without writing code

Drag and drop powerful automation blocks, each representing user actions performed in web and desktop applications.

Capability 2 - Desktop automation new

Experience effortless QA automation

Try the LEAPWORK Automation Platform for yourself or book a specialist for a product demonstration.

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