Selenium automation, without the headaches

We use Selenium under the hood, so you don’t have to code to build tests. Automate your tests faster, smarter, and cheaper.

checkmark iconFast and easy onboarding – a solution that everyone in your team can use 

checkmark iconWorks across all applications in your tech stack

checkmark iconFind bugs before they cost you with entirely visual debugging

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Web testing without Selenium coding

Flow easily from one step to the next with our smart recorder. Our intelligent building blocks handle logic and give you a graphic overview of every step. Automate without writing a single line of code.


More about Leapwork

Test in parallel

Automate thousands of web-based tests in parallel using Selenium Grid - on your own network or in the Cloud. 

On virtual, local and remote machines

Test across your entire IT infrastructure. From web and desktop. Mobile and virtual. To Cloud and legacy systems. 

Test mobile apps

Test native mobile and native web. Our HeadSpin integration means you can test across devices, browsers, and operating systems. 

Data verification

Check that data is updated and synchronized between your platforms, systems and databases. 


We integrate with Power BI and Tableau, so you can make sense of data. The full picture. In one view.

Data encryption

Store your data with MS SQL and SQLite, and have it encrypted to industry standards. For secure and seamless adoption of Leapwork.

Everything you expect and more

Less manual testing

Everyone in your team can contribute to the building process and maintenance of test automation, without writing a single line of code.

Faster releases

With such fast onboarding, the people testing your system will be up and running in a matter of days. 

More test coverage

Test across your entire technology stack using the same visual test automation approach.  Web, desktop, mobile and more. 

Breeze beyond bottlenecks

Struggling to find out why a test failed? Quickly find the what and the why in three ways: video recordings, data-level insights, and activity logs.
Debugging has never been easier. Now that’s what we call fast maintenance.


Reuse components, reduce workload

Don’t start from scratch every time. Turn common steps into reusable sub-flows. Meaning less maintenance. Fewer development bottlenecks. Much happier teams.


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From siloed testing to unified automation

Automate testing for every step of the customer journey from one, unified place. Across your entire enterprise. 
And yes, we’re compatible with the apps and software you already use. 


Automate across your entire technology stack

Customer support

From day 1 to using Leapwork on the regular. Our QA and testing engineers have seen it all and always have a solution up their sleeve. Anytime. Anywhere. You’ll be up and running in no time.


"Extremely versatile, easy to use, powerful software"

Steve C, Senior QA Analyst

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