Selenium automation with Leapwork

Automate tests in web applications using Selenium under the hood - 100% no-code & visual automation builder

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checkmark iconIncrease efficiency by enabling QA and business users to build and maintain test automation

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"After one week, testers could automate quickly. This was a big gain. We could set up the system in a way that was maintainable and scalable"





"What would have taken me two years with Selenium, took me three months with Leapwork"




"It’s much more friendly to use Leapwork than other tools. It is easy to scale, easy to grow"

Automate web applications from day one

A visual, no-code approach

Use our smart recorder and intelligent building blocks to build tests, call APIs, write to a database and validate data.

Automate every browser action

Works with all web technologies and across browsers. Automate web applications from day one.

Low maintenance

In-built reusability, data driven capabilities, and hyper visual debugging makes it identify bugs and adapt to change.

Integrate seamlessly with existing tools and processes

Run web automation on your local device, Selenium Grid, or a cloud service. Leapwork comes with built-in Sauce Labs and BrowserStack integrations.

Scale easily

Adopt, build, maintain and scale test automation across teams, regardless of their technical capabilities.

World class onboarding and customer experience support

Continuous access to our automation specialists; work with us to covert success metrics into business value.

Web testing with codeless Selenium

Leapwork bridges the gap between business and IT teams with our unique, visual approach that works just like drawing on a whiteboard. With Leapwork, all members of a QA team as well as business users can collaborate and contribute to test automation.



Diversify who can contribute, adopt quickly, and focus on problem solving rather than repetitive regression testing.

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Visual debugging and reporting

If something breaks, Leapwork will take you to the root cause and provide a visual representation of the issue in three ways: a video recording, a debug version that contains data-level insights, and an activity log.

Increase automation coverage with cross-platform automation

Selenium Grid

Parallelize thousands of web-based automation flows on an onsite Selenium Grid cluster of computers and devices - either in your network or in the cloud.

Virtual, locals, and remote machines

Execute automation flows on virtual and cloud-based machines, including HyperV, vmware, Azure, and AWS; design and run on your local machines; or execute flows on remote computers.

Mobile devices

Easily test responsible and mobile web applications on simulated or real devices using the Selenium WebDriver protocol built into Leapwork.


Automate web applications for any operating system, any desktop, mobile device, and any browser version using BrowserStack’s cloud service.

Sauce Labs

With Leapwork’s Sauce Labs integration, scale up and significantly increase device coverage by parallelizing web automation flows on both real devices and emulators.


Leapwork’s LambdaTest integration makes it possible to perform rapid automated cross-browser testing on 2000+ browsers in a scalable and secure way.

productivity gains

Unlock innovation

Automate repetitive, time-consuming regressions tests so your QA teams can focus on UAT, exploratory testing and more.

10X faster
time to market

Sharpen your competitive edge

Ensure a high degree of responsiveness to customer needs and outpace changes in the marketplace.

90% reduction
in application errors

Improve quality, mitigate risks

Protect against costly downtime or revenue loss associated with errors, and delight customers with consistent quality.

Less than 10 minutes
to build a flow

Automate your first test case in minutes

Remove the regression burden and scale automation quickly, so your entire delivery pipeline can become more agile.

"Extremely versatile, easy to use, powerful software"

Steve C, Senior QA Analyst

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