No-code test automation,
from Leapwork

Save precious time during sprints with Leapwork’s visual, no-code approach to automation. Leapwork makes it easier to build, maintain, and scale test automation across web, desktop and virtual desktop applications.

checkmark iconNo-code, visual approach for non-developers

checkmark iconLow maintenance for agile teams

checkmark iconAutomate across technology for maximum coverage 

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"After one week, testers could automate quickly. This was a big gain. We could set up the system in a way that was maintainable and scalable"





"It’s much more friendly to use Leapwork than other tools. It is easy to scale, easy to grow"




"What would have taken me two years with Selenium, took me three months with Leapwork"

No-code, visual test automation
for QA and business users

No matter what applications and technologies you work with, simply show Leapwork what to automate and watch the platform express the process in a visual language that business and IT people can understand.

Intelligent building blocks provide a graphical representation of each step, handing logic and data transformation under the hood.

Test a mix of web and traditionally-installed apps

At its core, Leapwork relies on four major automation technologies that each solve specific challenges. This means you can work seamlessly with any technology, from green screen and SAP Gui to unique UIs from Salesforce and beyond. 


Automate any website and web application with Leapwork’s web automation capabilities, powered by Selenium.


Automate daily work processes and test business-critical systems in and across applications with Leapwork’s desktop UI technology.

Virtual desktop automation

Powerful text and image recognition capabilities make it easy to monitor and test applications running on a virtual client such as Citrix or VMware.

Mobile web automation

Run your mobile web automation cases on local devices, an onsite Selenium Grid, or a cloud service to execute in parallel across browsers and platforms.

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Build and scale test automation without writing code

From functional UI to regression tests, build automation as flows with Leapwork's intuitive building blocks. Every block includes all the logic and strategies needed to quickly create, maintain and scale stable cross-application tests. No coding required.




Automate any application

Use the same no-code, visual approach to build test automation across your application landscape. For fast, robust testing that frees up time to focus on edge cases and scenarios that must be handled by a human.

All common technologies supported

Everything you need to build, maintain and scale test automation

Built for DevOps

Remove siloes and integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline for rapid feedback with plugins to Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo and more.

Built-in resuability

Don’t build functionality twice. Create reusable assets to share across projects and teams, easily drive tests with external data and parameterize for accuracy, efficiency and scalability.

Visual debugging

If something breaks, Leapwork takes you to the root cause and provides a graphical representation of the issue: for rapid identifcation and resolution. Get a video recording of every test as well as data-level insights.

Execute efficiently

Work across teams, utilize resources efficiently, parallelize tests, and get the business intelligence needed to scale automation quickly and effectively.

Governance and security

Built-in compliance with internal and external standards of data storage, disaster recovery, and access control. Comes with tamper-proof audit logs.

Analyze outcomes at scale

Monitor outcomes at scale and make better business decisions with in-built exception reports and advanced data visualization tools from Power BI and Tableau.

A revolutionary visual platform for enterprise automation

The fastest learning curve on the market

Automate your first test in minutes, build automation faster, and match the pace of agile sprints.

Easy to maintain

Built-in reusability, video-based reporting and easy to use data-driven capabilities mean maintenance is no longer the “hidden cost of automation”.

Collaborate easily on one platform

Design, execute, schedule, and monitor web automation in one place with a platform for specialists, generalists, and management alike.

World class support and services

Get unlimited access to a team of automation specialists, utilize our library of free learning videos and best practice guides, and take advantage of our network of global partners.

"The pace you can automate is astounding
and blows the competition out of the water"

Lawrence Williams, Telrock Insurance

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