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Test Automation

Every business is undergoing digital transformation. With COVID-19, the pressure to transform has only accelerated. Test automation is key to this process as it lets businesses deliver quality at speed. But many barriers remain to efficient transformation. With this kit, we give you an array of resources that will help bring down those barriers.

The kit includes everything from preliminary considerations in connection with test automation strategy and finding the right tool, to guidelines that will help you get the most out of your testing efforts and increase ROI, as well as leverage advanced technologies that can take your QA efforts to the next level.

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Key considerations before you begin your journey

Moving from Manual to Automated testing: 10 Considerations

Find out which ten aspects to consider when figuring out how your QA team can benefit from test automation.

Test Automation Strategy

Use this checklist when creating your test automation strategy to increase output quality while containing costs.

How to Measure the ROI of Test Automation

Download the guide to learn more about what you should be measuring as part of your ROI calculation for test automation.

Test Automation: The No-Code Way

Learn why no-code test automation is the enabler that the software industry has been waiting for.

Tool selection

Leapwork vs. Selenium

Learn what the key differences between Selenium and Leapwork are and decide for yourself which features are critical to your business.

Automation Tool Evaluation

Use this checklist to make your automation tool evaluation process more efficient, and to help you ensure that you find the right tool.

How no-code closes the skills gap in software development

Learn how to no-code test automation closes skill gaps and breaks down barriers to digital transformation.

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Succeeding with automation

How to Build Maintainable and Scalable Automation

Follow these best practices for building test automation to ensure that your tests are maintainable and will scale with ease.

How to Analyze Test Automation Results

To reap the benefits of automation it is essential to know how to handle the growing amount of test results. Manage and analyze results efficiently with this checklist.

Continuous Testing in Agile

Learn how to keep up with the ever-increasing customer expectations for digital products and services, and deliver quality at speed through continuous testing.

DevOps and Test Automation

Learn how to create a continuous delivery pipeline for DevOps and see which stages you can implement test automation in.

Going further with advanced technologies

Ai and Automation

Learn about AI and automation and how they relate, and see how you can start adding Ai capabilities to your automated tests and processes to gain efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs.

Test Automation & RPA

Learn about the difference between test automation and RPA and get guidance on how to find the right tool for each.

Mastering Data-driven Automation

Learn how to improve test coverage and reduce unnecessary duplication of test scripts through data-driven testing with Leapwork.

Hyperautomation: Bringing AI and Automation Together

Learn how to complete processes faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors by bringing artificial intelligence and automation together.