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From automated regression testing to enhancing your DevOps set up, see how Leapwork can support your organization.

Automation for DevOps

Improve collaboration, enable more people to contribute to automation, and integrate seamlessly into your existing IT landscape.

Automated regression testing

Don't get held back by resource bottlenecks and inefficient maintenance.

Moving to agile

With Leapwork, limited IT resources are no longer a barrier to agility. 

Functional UI Testing

Automate any action in your web or desktop applications with ease.

Continuous testing

Enable more people to automate and remove the common barriers to successful continuous automation.

Test automation

Implement and benefit from test automation faster, with Leapwork's no-code platform.


Enable business people to automate the repetitive, time-consuming processes that hold them back.

End-to-end testing

Execute end-to-end testing across multiple systems, browsers, and applications.  

Application monitoring

Continuously monitor system health across your organization.


Comes with a wide range of features to support DevOps.

Agile testing

Enable all agile team members to participate in the creation and maintenance of automation.

Regression testing

Run your entire regression suite automatically and maintain existing automation faster.

Functional UI testing

Integrate seamlessly, reduce execution time, and get more control and flexibility by automating functional UI testing with Leapwork.

Continuous testing

Embed Leapwork into your CI/CD set up, for continuous testing that provides the rapid feedback you need.

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