Experience LEAPWORK 2019.1 -
Live Demo

May 13

2:00 PM

Europe CEST Time

May 20

10:00 AM


To deliver on our promise of offering the most powerful and easy to use enterprise platform for test automation and RPA, our latest feature release is all about more productivity and scalability. In short, 2019.1 lets all users automate more with less work.

Highlights include our unique and innovative Smart Recorder for designing automation flows in a few clicks, new Active Directory support, as well as several usability and robustness improvements.

Join one of our live webinar sessions, on May 13 or 20, to see the latest version of LEAPWORK in action.

See new features in action, including:

  • Smart Recorder: Automate processes on the go
    With the LEAPWORK Smart Recorder, you can automate a process step-by-step without leaving the systems you’re automating. 
  • Scale automation with Active Directory
    LEAPWORK now supports access control with Active Directory users and groups, enabling you to roll out automation faster.

  • Automate more with improved Scheduler, new blocks
    Sub-flows can now be parameterized directly with default values. You will also gain a better overview of runs: What’s being run where and by whom.
Sune Engsig

Senior Evangelist at LEAPWORK

About: Sune Engsig has more than 20 years of experience working with business and process development as well as IT architecture for enterprises. In addition, he has extensive project management experience from both government and the telecoms industry. He is driven by a mission to find ways for businesses to extend their capabilities with the help of technology.