Empowering BDD through
next-generation visual language

The gap between IT and business is shrinking by the minute. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is acting as a conduct for more collaboration and continuous delivery in the software development process.
LEAPWORK’s codeless and visual language guarantees software quality by allowing collaboration between developers, QA and business participants.

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How does LEAPWORK empower BDD?


Visual building blocks

Express the end-user's behavior and get satisfied users by focusing on the business’ needs.


Intuitive visual language

Allow testers to implement BDD by easily mapping steps to concrete actions.


Communication made easy

No-code automation that narrows the communication gap and reduces misconceptions.

Accelerate your business

A collaborative culture equals accelerated results. Through BDD you gain the ability to bring products to market faster. This is because teamwork and communication speed up the entire process and make it easier to produce anything. You can enable BDD through LEAPWORK’s no-code automation software thanks to its intuitive visual flowcharts.


A truly codeless test automation platform

Unlike most test automation tools that claim to be codeless, LEAPWORK truly stands up for its claims. LEAPWORK’s next-generation visual language makes it easy to design and understand each other’s test cases, removing any dependency on a developer.

It provides all relevant teams with a shared process to collaborate on software testing. Its visual building blocks and normal-language constructs allow testers to implement BDD by easily mapping steps to concrete actions.

Following the BDD doctrine, LEAPWORK uses normal language constructs that express the behavior of the end-user and easily define the expected outcomes.

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LEAPWORK can be used to automate absolutely anything. Any protocol, architecture, application type or age – it just works. Gone are the days of logjam when it comes to automating test cases. LEAPWORK’s customer support is incredible.

Scott Kent - QA Program Manager, Health First

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