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What our customers say

"Infinitely customizable"

"I've automated both large-scale processes and small-scale validations, and for each scenario there is a functionality. I try every day to reach the edge of customizability, but as far as testing tactics and creativity goes, I haven't found it yet.

My entire regression test suite is now automated and runs monthly. This has saved me about three days’ worth of testing time. Now, all I have to do is look at the results and do real test analysis, instead of wasting time pressing buttons."

Rick Tracy
Test Manager, Rabobank

“Great software for business users at all levels! Try it for yourself!”

“We use LEAPWORK for testing the functionality of our ERP system and website. I was able to automate and schedule our entire Procure-to-Pay process.

LEAPWORK’s ease of use comes without sacrificing any features. Pros include the ability to schedule test cases – even on remote environments.”

Joe Hernandez
ERP Analyst, Hemasource

“A revolution in test automation.”

“Easy to get started, easy to use. LEAPWORK supports any environment and UI. By using only a few functions you can create sophisticated testing logic. I have completed loads of data-driven testing.”

Aksel Duus
Test Manager

“All of my team can create, run and troubleshoot automated cases.”

“LEAPWORK’s ease of use was what attracted me - the application is what sealed the deal.”

Lynda Hooper
Software Release & QA Manager, Louis Dreyfus Company

“Exactly what we were looking for in an automation tool.”

“Our non-developers can easily use LEAPWORK which increases our product quality.”

Sebastian Schenk
Software Engineer, Samutec

“Great value. Effective increase in ROI.”

“It’s intuitive and easy to use for both testers and other roles. Team members can apply their knowledge and skills in an automated environment.

Compared to hiring additional people specialized in automation, LEAPWORK is cost effective as it lowers overhead and total cost of ownership. Manual resources are freed up for more productive tasks. Testers’ skills are still needed but can be utilized with more focus.

LEAPWORK is highly customizable as it allows for creating unique blocks specific to your user environment.

Our product quality is enhanced as testing can be faster and more frequently.”

Jerry Mosher
Test Manager, SolutionInc

“The best truly code-free UI testing tool.”

“I am a software tester with no programming skills. LEAPWORK is very simple to use and not once have I had to ask a programmer for assistance.

Our software moves documents from a web app to a document management system. LEAPWORK has both web automation capabilities and superb image recognition. There are a lot of image recognition tools out there, but none that can double as an automated testing tool.

Previously, I’ve had to rely on two different tools, now I can use the same tool for all automated functional testing. LEAPWORK does it all.”

Marie Jennings
QA Analyst, ImageSoft

“I can make even complex cases by connecting building blocks.”

“All the greatness of Selenium is built into LEAPWORK’s web automation blocks. I’ve automated regression tests and created data-driven test cases using Excel, databases, and more. With Jenkins integration, LEAPWORK works in Continuous Integration setup.”

Maarten Hersbach
Test Engineer, Voogd & Voogd

“The best test automation tool for non-developers.”

“It’s easy to create, schedule, and run tests for both desktop and web applications.”

Leila Rad
Agile Tester, SOS International

“Works with practically any application.”

“Easy to use, easy to maintain.”

Lau Lorenzen
Test Specialist, Danske Bank

“Great out-of-the-box product.”

“Features are simple to use, yet powerful. Short learning curve. Technical support is very helpful and responsive. The result is broader and more consistent test coverage.”

Garrick Jacobsen
Senior Developer, Creed Interactive

“Excellent support.”

“Modular and powerful tool for testing web and desktop applications.”

Vegar Warhuus
Senior Software Tester & Team Lead, Admincontrol


“LEAPWORK can be used to automate absolutely anything. Any protocol, architecture, application type or age – it just works. Gone are the days of logjam when it comes to automating test cases. LEAPWORK’s customer support is incredible.”

Scott Kent
QA Program Manager, Health First

“Extremely versatile, powerful software.”

"I can do everything I used to do with Selenium in a much shorter time without writing any code. Everyone can create tests much faster.”

Steve Caven
Senior QA Analyst, Equitable Life Insurance of Canada

“Faster test results with higher quality.”

“Very intuitive software; no coding skills required; you can stick to basic functionality but also do more advanced tasks. Very good and fast online support. Excellent tutorials, which really helps you getting started. Scheduling cases and getting reports works perfect for our needs.”

Sebastian Blaha
Technical Supervisor, Austrian Broadcasting Company

“LEAPWORK continues to exceed our expectations.”

“Very informative documentation and tutorials. Excellent response to inquiries. Customer support which should be the industry standard.

The result is better quality assurance of our web applications before release. We can now test multiple scenarios automatically without requiring any user interaction.”

Carl Robinson
Project Manager / Developer, E-Risk Services

“LEAPWORK continues to exceed our expectations.”

“Very informative documentation and tutorials. Excellent response to inquiries. Customer support which should be the industry standard.

The result is better quality assurance of our web applications before release. We can now test multiple scenarios automatically without requiring any user interaction.”

Carl Robinson
Project Manager / Developer, E-Risk Services

“The Selenium-based web automation works pretty darn well.”

“Our non-technical testers can easily and quickly create tests with the Selenium-based web blocks. LEAPWORK allows our testers to focus on creating test cases, not fiddling with software.”

Mikkel Jensen
Technical Tester, DSB

“Faster and easier than developing standard Selenium tests.”

“New features are delivered very often. The localization of web elements is great.”

Malgorzata Gongolewicz-Zwolinska
Junior QA Engineer, LanguageWire

“Easy to learn, helpful support, good product.”

“The basic functionalities are easy to use. The ability to create custom building blocks and integrate my test cases with Bamboo is great. Support takes every request and question seriously. Bugs are fixed fast and updates come regularly.

It is easy to explain to non-developers how it works – you don’t need to understand code to be able to use it.

I have LEAPWORK taking care of regression testing, so that I can allocate manual resources to functional testing. I'm able to create automated tests with a predictable outcome, every time.”

Ronni Sohl
Test Manager, Blue Water Shipping

“Customer service is very, very good!”

“When I submitted a question via the live chat support, I received an answer almost immediately, and any problem I reported was always solved to my satisfaction.

It was very easy to get started with this tool, including creating new test cases, editing existing ones, and setting up scheduled test runs - even without previous instructions. The online training videos and knowledge base helped me a long way.”

Annelise Carlsen
Frontend Tester, YouSee

“I love this tool.”

“We’ve experienced an extremely short timeline from purchasing to full enterprise testing. LEAPWORK is easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to use.

The collaboration features are great, and the Selenium-based web automation is very robust. Pros include the customizable image recognition capabilities and the HD video replay features.

We run daily user acceptance tests and regression tests as well as ad hoc based schedules. This lets us fail fast and act up front before deployment to production.”

Claes Wolff
IT Architect, GF Forsikring

“Easy-to-use tool for web and desktop automation.”

“No coding or scripting knowledge is required. I’m now able to build and run daily regression sets for our core business applications.”

Johan Stolk
Test Coordinator, BNP Paribas Cardif

“Easy monitoring from the end-user’s point of view.”

“Installation and setup is easy. Test cases are reliable.”

Frank Bonnmann
System Management Specialist, DVV

There is no end to what our customers can automate

Service desk and back-office automation for lower costs.

Automated monitoring of end-user experience for lower risk.

Automated regression testing for improved product quality.

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