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Reducing Risk with Automation in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Businesses

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Recording from November 26
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Duration: 1h

Learn how demands for improved digital services, risk mitigation, and agility can be met with no-code test automation and RPA.

Delivering best-in-class digital services and driving business agility is a challenge in the context of a fast-changing marketplace, complex IT landscapes, limited skilled resources, and strict regulatory requirements.

In this webinar, Leapwork's Director of AI, Florin Manole will show you how you can implement and scale automation quickly to overcome common challenges and achieve wide-scale digital transformation for rapid value creation and market agility.

The webinar covers:

  • Common barriers to digital transformation and how to overcome them
  • How to introduce agile and DevOps methodologies
  • 3 automation success stories from the BFSI sector
Florin Manole
Director of AI & Analytics