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Mastering Data-driven Automation

Recording from July 16 2020

Duration: ca 1h


Learn how to easily automate tests and processes using data.

Join our webinar to learn how to improve test coverage and reduce unnecessary duplication of test scripts through data-driven testing with LEAPWORK.

By using data-driven automation, you can reduce risk and shorten timelines while at the same time making it easy for your team to access and share information with real-time analysis - connecting to your favorite data source and consuming that data has never been easier.

Topics that are covered:

bullet_red_arrowSee a live demonstration of no-code UI data-driven automation

bullet_red_arrowLearn how to make testing match the pace of development

bullet_red_arrowLearn how to use the data-driven approach for both testing and RPA

bullet_red_arrowAsk your test automation-related questions

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Florin Manole

Director of AI & Analytics at LEAPWORK

Florin Manole has more than 16 years of experience working with data driven applications in major business areas like financial services, software and telecom. He has been focusing in the last couple of years on AI technologies and the applicability of those to real life business case scenarios, in particular integrating AI with RPA or automation into combined platforms

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LEAPWORK can be used to automate absolutely anything. Any protocol, architecture, application type or age – it just works. Gone are the days of logjam when it comes to automating test cases. LEAPWORK’s customer support is incredible.