Automate Dynamics Testing Inside & Out: Ascensus and Leapwork Case Study

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Recording from March 2 2022
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Duration: 45 min

Ascensus, a financial services company, saw the value in no-code test automation and were looking for a partner to help them create and maintain it more effectively. With Leapwork, they now test their own code - as well as the inner workings of Dynamics. In this webcast, you’ll hear how Ascensus uses visual test automation to speed production, minimize bugs, and eliminate downtime.

Join Ascensus’s MSDynamics experts as they unravel their QA transformation success story. Leapwork’s Chief Evangelist Sune Engsig will lead a conversation with Dan Madden, Ascensus’s Director of CRM, and Monica Stehr, Ascensus Product Owner.
In this session we’ll cover:

The webinar covers:

  • Ascensus’s main challenges with testing Dynamics

  • Best practices in implementing an Automation strategy

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Sune Engsig
Chief Evangelist


Dan Madden
Director, CRM


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Monica Stehr
Product Owner, IT Development