Getting Started with Automation: Lessons Learned by City of Kingston, a Government Entity

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Recording from June 30 2021
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Duration: 1h

Learn from the Canadian government entity City of Kingston about testing desktop applications with automation.

In this webinar, Anton Thorson, Systems Analyst at City of Kingston, will give insight into City of Kingston's automation journey. He will share how they overcame some of the challenges they were facing in their Information Systems & Technology team with automation, how they built their first test suites, and give his advice to teams starting out on a similar journey.

What you'll learn:

  • Best practices for building your first automated test suite
  • What you should know before starting your automation journey
  • Why having a 'there's no such thing as failure - only learning' mindset pays off
  • The benefits of choosing a codeless automation solution
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Anton Thorson
System Analyst

City of Kingston

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Sune Engsig
Chief Evangelist