Continuous Testing in Agile and Continuous Delivery Environments

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Recording from October 28 2020
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Duration: 1h

Learn how to keep up with the ever-increasing customer expectations for digital products and services, and deliver quality at speed through continuous testing.

DevOps, CI/CD and agile all share the same goal of allowing businesses to deliver quality through flexible delivery models.

Fast feedback loops and immediate responses allow businesses to adapt to changes in the market quicker than ever before. This is made possible with automation and continuous testing. But how do you achieve continuous testing?

In this live session, our specialists will talk about the importance of continuous testing in continuous delivery, and outline how businesses can achieve continuous testing and overcome common barriers, by following the right approach and implementing the right tools.

Join to bring down barriers to automation success in your team, and to get your questions on continuous testing answered by an automation specialist.

What is covered:

  • The benefits of continuous testing

  • How to integrate continuous testing into agile and continuous delivery environments

  • Demonstration of continuous testing with Jenkins and LEAPWORK

Rishi Gaurav
Delivery Director