How Major German Logistics Company, TFG Transfracht, Built High Speed, Cross-System Process Automation

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Recording from April 29 2021
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Duration: 1h

TFG Transfracht explain how robotic process automation (RPA) in logistics can reduce costs, improve business operations, and increase productivity.

In a fast-changing marketplace, it's a challenge to provide best-in-class logistics solutions and ensure supply chain agility. There can be multiple barriers to success, from labor shortages and complex IT landscapes to a lack of resilient strategies or contingency plans.

Automation helps businesses increase productivity whilst reducing risk and cost. These outcomes are key during times of unprecedented change, and make the implementation of RPA an area of enormous potential.

In this session, Christopher Werner, Deputy Head of IT and Christoph Friedrich, Director Business Process and Quality Manager, will share TFG Transfracht's automation journey and cover the following:

  • Common operational and IT challenges in logistics
  • How TFG are using automation to overcome these challenges
  • A demo of no-code RPA with Leapwork
  • Logistics use cases that are ideal candidates for automation
Christopher Werner
Deputy Head of IT

TFG Transfracht

Christoph TFG
Christoph Friedrich
Director Business Process & Quality Assurance Manager

TFG Transfracht

Darius Heisig
VP of Sales, Central and Southern Europe