How to Automate Salesforce Testing without Coding

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Duration: 1h

Salesforce’s complex UI is notoriously difficult for automated testing tools to capture. Leapwork changes that.

Does test automation for Salesforce make you think of Apex code, developers, and unplanned downtime? For a long time, that’s what test automation with Salesforce required – but no more. Leapwork brings together a visual, no-code automation builder that’s easy for anyone to learn. With the technical capabilities to capture the Salesforce UI reliably and accurately.


In this webinar, we'll use examples of real-life workflows - like creating opportunities and adding products - to cover the basics of test automation in Salesforce. We'll demonstrate how Leapwork tackles the complex Salesforce UI differently, creating tests that are easy to build yet resilient and non-flakey.

Why join this webinar?

  • See a demonstration of no-code automation in Salesforce

  • Get tips on how to bring test automation to your organization

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Sune Engsig
VP Product