click3. Appoint administrators and users 

With release 2018.1, you can administer all users yourself on the Controller. Appoint user roles to prepare.

The 2018.1 release significantly changes the way the Controller operates. Going forward, the Controller will enforce access control to it.

In other words, Studio users need to login to the Controller to access it. This replaces the current, internet-based activation process in Studio and supports the activation and running of LEAPWORK without any internet connection.

When you upgrade LEAPWORK to 2018.1, the installer will prompt you for a password to be assigned to the pre-configured admin user on the Platform (named “admin”).

The admin user is per default assigned the Administrator role, one of four new roles or access levels in LEAPWORK, including:

  • Administrator: Has full access to everything, including creating and maintaining users, assets, settings and view the audit log. Administrators can also access the encryption key for the database.
  • Contributor: Can create and edit all assets and execute flows but can’t edit some settings and can’t view the audit log.
  • Reader: Can open all assets in read-only mode but can’t edit anything nor run flows. It’s basically look-but-don’t-touch access.
  • No access: Can’t view or edit anything. This access level is used to quickly remove access for users without deleting them.

We recommend that you prepare a list of your current active users prior to the upgrade to ease the creation of users on the Controller after the update. The list should contain the full name of the user, the unique user name, and the access level for the user. You will also need to set a password per user, or use the password generator included in LEAPWORK.


Full name

User name

Access level / User role


Robinson Crusoe




Wilfred Ivanhoe




Jane Eyre



Ben Hur





You will need to distribute the access credentials (username and password) to each individual user.

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