Upgrade Guide

If you are upgrading from version 2.5 of LEAPWORK, there are major changes to the software's licensing and infrastructure.

 To ensure the best possible upgrade experience, please follow the steps below.

» 1. Verify installation plan

With release 2018.1, the installation plan for LEAPWORK depends on your license type. Start here to ensure that your installation matches your license.

» 2. Ensure data backup

To avoid loss of data and work, you must make a backup of all your LEAPWORK files. This section will instruct you how to make a backup.

» 3. Appoint administrators and users

With release 2018.1, you can administer all users yourself on the Controller. Appoint user roles to prepare.

» 4. Prepare for new REST API and infrastructure

If you are using the REST API directly or are relying on one of the native plugins, please read this section to prepare for the upgrade.

» 5. Download and install new version

When you've gone through all of the previous steps and taken required actions, you're ready for installation. Go to our step-by-step guide.