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Agile Testing Whitepaper

Agile has made its way into the testing world and it's here to stay. Don't fall behind and learn how to become a master of agile testing.


Businesses are now operating at a faster pace and, therefore, software development needs to keep up with business demands. In order to guarantee software quality at this development rhythm, testers are being forced to reduce execution time while maintaining the highest of standards.

To achieve agility, both developers and testers need to be able to work agile – and test automation is part of the solution.

Download the whitepaper and start testing in agile sprints with more confidence.

In this whitepaper you'll find:

  • The fundamentals of agile development
  • How to do testing in agile teams
  • How to create a test automation strategy
  • How to increase collaboration in agile teams

Download Whitepaper: Agile Testing

Lucia Cavero-Baptista
Lucia Cavero-Baptista
Content Marketing Manager

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