Product Features

A beautifully simple way to automate complex tests.

Discover the features and functionality that give QA engineers, business users, and IT teams an easy way to automate tests across your organization. 

Easy to learn

With the fastest learning curve on the market, you can build your first automated test in minutes.

Low maintenance

Comes with in-built reusability, data-driven capabilities, and hyper-visual debugging to minimize the maintenance workload.

Robust and secure

Intuitive, powerful, and infinitely secure. Leapwork is an enterprise-grade automation solution that works across all technologies.

Built for DevOps

Integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and breakdown traditional communication barriers between IT and business teams.

A universal, visual automation language

Leapwork gives business and IT users an intuitive, visual way to automate tests that doesn't require coding skills or proprietary knowledge.

Show Leapwork what to automate and watch the platform express the process in a flowchart language, with intelligent building blocks that handle logic and provide a graphical representation of every step.

Smart recording for rapid automation coverage

Tell Leapwork what to automate by recording processes in context, validate steps and input data where it is needed, then watch the platform transform the use case into automation flows.

In this way, Leapwork leverages a contributor's existing knowledge of the process or application under automation without requiring technical "upskill". 

Seamless cross-technology automation

Use the same visual, no-code approach to automate across your technology stack. Leapwork supports web (with Selenium and Leapwork's own IE add-on), desktop applications built on anything from C++, Java, to .NET, packaged apps, legacy Mainframe, ITSM, ERP and CRM platforms to virtual desktops such as Citrix.

“We have achieved a level of coverage that's not possible with alternative tools on the market"

Claes-Jan Wolff

GF Forsikring

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Hyper-visual debugging
for faster maintenance

If something breaks, Leapwork will take you to the root cause and provide a hyper-visual representation of the issue in three ways: a video recording of the run, a debug version of the automation flow that contains data-level insights, and an activity log. All three are correlated to give immediate visibility of the problem and make it easy to diagnose what has failed and why.

Be more efficient with re-usable components

Identify process steps that resurface across different automation cases – such as login-logout requirements – and turn these into reusable sub-flows.

This provides an infinitely maintainable and scalable automation solution with sub-flows that can be used again and again across projects and teams.

Manage large volumes of data , easily

Run tests with input from spreadsheets, databases, and web services. Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests, and use the results live.

Enter data sources and dynamic values easily, with visual connectors that instruct Leapwork to iterate through records of data.



Optimize the way you schedule and run automation

Robust execution across multiple machines

Run automation in multiple environments at once, easily handle SSO scenarios and execute remotely. Supports massive parallelization using Selenium Grid and cloud providers such as BrowserStack and Sauce Labs.


Schedule automation flows to run day and night, in parallel, on local, remote and virtual machines, in closed networks or in the cloud. Schedule to run on a single or recurring schedule, or on demand through an API call - supporting your CI/CD pipeline.

Advanced calendar assistant

Get an immediate overview of what is running and when, plan easily with accurate time estimates for scheduled runs, and understand agent resource usage so you can optimize automation.

Teams Management

Enable contributors to share assets and collaborate easily across teams, or put in place strict access control schemes and partition work securely to protect confidentiality and avoid unintended changes.

Workflow and assignee management

Segregate duties, ensure the right work is approved by the right people and easily track contributors, approvals and handover. Comes with full version transparency so it is easy to manage 100s of automation flows throughout their lifecycle.

Governance and compliance

Stay on top of governance issues with tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting and dashboards. Also comes with specialized compliance features to support organizations with extended requirements driven by GxP or DevOps.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Make sense of vast amounts of data, analyze complex connections, get a quick overview of trends or deep dive into anything from team member contributions to environment variations with integrations to Power BI and Tableau. Get in-built exception reports to evaluate outcomes easily across projects, or export the data and create your own.

Seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline

With the REST API, Leapwork comes with ready-to-use plugins for the most common DevOps tools and orchestrators.

Security and Trust

Leapwork comes with core functionality that support secure and seamless adoption in large organizations, from encrypted TLS 1.2 compliant data, MS SQL and SQLite data storage, access control and more.

World Class Support

Chat to speak with an automation expert at any time, get access to our in-depth free learning center and video tutorials. All customers have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager for support throughout your automation journey.

Installation and Licensing

View our library of technical documentation for more information on Leapwork's architecture, installation requirements, licensing, deployment, administration and more.

Latest Product Releases

Go here to discover all of the exciting new features and improvements that are making their way into the Leapwork Enterprise and Platform Editions.

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