We are Leapwork

Here’s why we do
what we do

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Changing work on a
global scale

Benefitting people and
businesses, together

For us, automation has never been about the technology.

Automation is about removing repetitive, mundane work, so that people can focus on what really matters.

What started out as a way to help software testers eliminate boring tasks has become so much more than that to us - we see the potential for every single employee to put robots to work and instead spend their time on creating real value.

It benefits employees. It benefits businesses. And ultimately, it benefits humankind as more room is created for innovation, creation, and growth.

A new (and surprisingly natural) way to interact with computers

Making it easy to tell the
computer what we want it to do.

One of our very first customers was a nurse. She had downloaded a trial of Leapwork and automated a few tasks that she saw herself wasting time on day after day. She wanted to help patients, not talk computer.

Like her, so many people spend a frustratingly high number of hours on trying to get a computer to do what they want it to do.

It shouldn’t be so hard. Let’s start communicating with computers in a way that comes naturally to people.

To us, that means removing unnecessary complexity. Removing code.

Breaking down the barriers between humans and computers

With a visual language that
everyone can understand

You don’t need code to speak computer. The graphical user interface proved that. The idea of Leapwork started with a simple question: “How would you describe a test in the simplest way possible?”

The answer wasn’t a list. It certainly wasn’t lines of code. It was a flowchart. Flowcharts are the ideal way to describe processes. They are a natural language. They are intuitive for the person describing, and for the person understanding.

They allow people to work better together. It’s as simple as that.

Eliminating tedious,
mundane computer work

So you can focus on what
really matters

We all have our why.

Maybe you love going to work every day. Maybe you love coming home.

Whatever you love, whatever keeps you going, we hope to play a small part in making sure that you have more time for that.

That’s our why.

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