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In our most recent Service Release, we have made several improvements. These include updates to our IE add-on as well as support for the latest versions of Chrome, MS Edge (Chromium), and Firefox.

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We have introduced a number of minor updates as part of this release. These include Chrome 86 and MS Edge 86 (Chromium) support, as well as improved memory consumption for LEAPWORK Agents.

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Included in this release are a number of resolved incidents as well as feature improvements.

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Introducing truly world class SAP capabilities that will revolutionize the way you automate

The centerpiece of our second major release of the year is a lightning-fast way to automate SAP that removes complexity and gives you the power to automate more, no matter how complex your IT landscape. In 2020.2, we also introduce a number of advanced analytics and management features so you have better visibility and control of automation across your organization.

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New management features that empower enterprises to take a huge step forward in productivity

In this latest release, we introduce a powerful new method to build and manage automation run lists with multiple steps for large collections of flows; the most advanced scheduler and scheduling assistant on the market; the ability to easily automate logging in and out of Windows; and so much more.

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Introducing The Enterprise Edition with SQL Server

In this new edition of LEAPWORK we introduce a series of premium features tailored for enterprises. With scalability as a primary focus, the 2019.2 Enterprise Edition includes support for MS SQL Server, as well as a series of upgrades to data integration and flow customization that will improve enterprise usability significantly.

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Included in this release are some of the following feature updates and improvements:

The Database building block has been optimized, now consuming less memory.

We’ve resolved issues with the Read Excel, Write Excel, and the Database building blocks malfunctioning, and more. 

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Included in this release are the following feature updates and improvements:

For more efficient navigation in LEAPWORK Studio, we’ve enabled the middle mouse button for dragging the flow design canvas.

There’s also a series of new building blocks, such as the Write to Excel and Get Desktop UI Attribute building blocks.

REST APIs now allow you to enable endpoints to run flow by ID or get last run item ID.

You can now define a default OCR engine in Global Settings.

The version history for all sub-flows is now available for viewing.

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Included in this release are the following feature updates and improvements:

Smart Recorder has been optimized and we’ve given you more control over video recordings.

We’ve updated our REST APIs to make your LEAPWORK experience even richer and efficient when integrating with other applications.

To ensure that LEAPWORK maintains its responsiveness across all platforms, we’ve improved the revision history to consume less space and resources.


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Smart Recorder—It’s smart. It records your mouse's activity as you click, drag, and navigate to on-screen objects. Smart Recorder can be used to automate all of your flows and sub-flows.

Active Directory is now accessible with a single sign-on from within Studio. You can manage which AD groups are granted accesses to LEAPWORK test and RPA cases.

The improved Scheduling menu lets you easily see which environment a schedule is active in. The Environments menu will even show you which environment a user or schedule is currently using. If you attempt to connect to a busy agent, you’ll now receive a pop-up message.

New and better blocks now allow you to add values to input fields in sub-flows. Additionally, in this release, there are four new building blocks, which enable you to view and set the state of web checkboxes and radio buttons. The Get Web Checkbox, Set Web Checkbox, Get Web Radio, and Set Web Radio button building blocks make it easier to check the state of your web applications.

Rest API updates have been made to several endpoints by adding and expanding on existing ones. Improvements have been made to the following categories: FlowHierarchy, Environment, and Integrations.

VDI Agent support is enhanced by a newly custom-built VDI adapter. It is designed to allow desktop automation in a Citrix virtual desktop environment or another remote environment where only an internal display driver exists.

To see the full list of additional minor feature updates, visit the Release page.

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Included in this release are some of the following feature updates and improvements:

Extended automation capabilities with Java, SAP, Dynamics 365, along with other improvements.

There are a series of resolved issues as well, which includes the Generate Password block not generating a numeric value.

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Included in this release is the following improvement:

Handling of corrupted root elements bug resolved.

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How we release

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Feature releases

Major releases are typically released two to three times a year. The latest major release is 2020.2.642

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Bug fixes and patches

Minor updates, bug fixes, and patches are bundled together for release when ready

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Release frequency

We aim to publish service release updates about once a month