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Released on 10-11-21 | MAJOR RELEASE

Version 2021.2

Among a host of improvements, the main highlight is a new, dedicated Green Screen Recorder for faster, more reliable test creation and maintenance.

Released on 31-08-21 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2021.1.993

Along with a variety of improvements, this service release brings upgraded security for local user management.

Released on 23-06-21 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2021.1.819

In this latest Service Release, we have included further enhancements to Dynamics 365 and Oracle support.

Released on 28-04-21 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2021.1.629

In this latest Service Release, we have included further Salesforce enhancements plus a number of additional improvements.

Released on 31-03-21 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2021.1.501

Included in this release are multiple enhancements to Leapwork's support for Salesforce. 

Released on 15-03-21 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2021.1.442

We have introduced a number of minor updates, such as added Chrome and Chromium 89 support.

Released on 25-02-21 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2021.1.387

In our latest Service Release, we include a number of enhancements to connectivity and communication that ensure high performance in all network conditions.

Released on 17-02-21 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2021.1.342

Included in this release are a number of optimizations that build upon the recent major release (2021.1).

Released on 27-01-21 | MAJOR RELEASE

Version 2021.1

2021.1 brings with it major changes that will improve maintenance efficiency, governance, and compliancy across your automation projects as requirements grow.

Released on 25-11-20 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2020.2.786

In our most recent Service Release, we have made several improvements including updates to our IE add-on as well as support for the latest versions of Chrome, MS Edge (Chromium), and Firefox.

Released on 13-10-20 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2020.2.783

We have introduced a number of minor updates as part of this release including Chrome 86 and MS Edge 86 (Chromium) support, as well as improved memory consumption for Leapwork Agents.

Released on 22-09-20 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2020.2.780

Included in this release are a number of resolved incidents as well as feature improvements.

Released on 25-08-20 | MAJOR RELEASE

Version 2020.2

The centerpiece of our second major release is a lightning-fast way to automate SAP that removes complexity and gives you the power to automate more. We also introduce a number of advanced analytics and management features.

Released on 15-04-20 | MAJOR RELEASE

Version 2020.1

In this latest release, run lists with multiple steps for large collections of flows; the most advanced scheduler and scheduling assistant on the market; the ability to easily automate logging in and out of Windows; and much more.

Released on 09-12-19 | MAJOR RELEASE

Version 2019.2.635

The 2019.2 Enterprise Edition includes support for MS SQL Server, as well as a series of upgrades to data integration and flow customization that will improve enterprise usability significantly.

Released on 10-10-19 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2019.1.1500

Included in this the Database building block has been optimized, now consuming less memory. We’ve resolved issues with the Read Excel, Write Excel, and the Database building blocks malfunctioning and more.

Released on 24-07-19 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2019.1.900

Included in this release are the following feature updates and improvements: optimized Smart Recorder, updated REST APIs, and improvements to the revision history.

Released on 06-05-19 | MAJOR RELEASE

Version 2019.1.460

In this new edition, Smart Recorder can be used to automate all of your flows and sub-flows, an improved Scheduling menu lets you easily see which environment a schedule is active in, and so much more.

Released on 17-09-19 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2019.1.1424

Included in this release are: the enabled middle mouse button for dragging the flow design canvas, new building blocks, version history for all sub-flows is now available for viewing, and more.

Released on 22-03-19 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2018.2.301

Included in this release are extended automation capabilities with Java, SAP, Dynamics 365, along with other improvements.

Released on 25-02-19 | SERVICE RELEASE

Version 2018.2.283

Included in this release is the following improvement: Handling of corrupted root elements bug resolved.

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