Security and Trust

Leapwork is an enterprise-grade solution that comes with encrypted in-flight data (e.g TLS 1.2 compliant) and data storage, full access control, and fits directly into your existing infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Why our users can rely on Leapwork

Audit logs

Keep comprehensive, tamper-proof audit logs of all user and system activities. Everything is preserved in immutable, encrypted data stores with AES-256 encryption.

User management

Manage roles and permissions with on-premise Active Directory and Azure AD users, set up groups to maintain separation of duties and regulatory compliance, and apply read-only capabilities when required.

Full encryption

Assets and data are stored using local AES-256 encrypted databases or enterprise-grade MS SQL Servers in your own infrastructure. In-flight data is SSL encrypted, with our industry-standard certificates.

Execution logs

Keep all historical runtime data, including exact versions of flows, logs, and recorded videos with configurable retention policies to allow easy and visual record of what happened, and when.

Export or access this information using a secure REST API, and integrate with data visualization platforms such as PowerBI and Tableau.

Version control

Record and store all changes using built-in and user-friendly version control capabilities. No integration to external systems such as Git is required.

Run or re-run automation flows from any point in time to re-create test or production scenarios exactly as they occurred in the past.

Data security

Deploy directly into your existing infrastructure as an on-premise installation, in hybrid architectures, or in your preferred cloud. Both physical and virtual machines are fully supported.

“Excellent support. Modular and powerful tool for testing web and desktop applications.”

Vegar Warhuus

Software Testing Team Lead

Intuitive. Powerful. Secure.

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