Plug Leapwork into your CD pipeline and integrate with build and release systems using our public REST API.

Using the REST API

The Leapwork Automation Platform ships with a public REST API that allows third-party systems integrations.
Get more information and see some examples of how to use the REST API, in the following articles:

Understanding the REST API

Get an introduction to the public REST API and see how you can use it to integrate with any third-party system.

Third-party integration

Get an overview of the possibilities and examples of how to integrate with Leapwork.

Triggering a schedule

In this example, see how you trigger a schedule using CURL and PowerShell, and how to handle the response.

Release Platforms and Leapwork


Use the native Leapwork plugin for Jenkins to trigger test cases directly from a build definition.

Azure DevOps Server

Include Leapwork as part of the release definition in Azure DevOps Server/TFS using the native Leapwork task.


Easily include Leapwork as part of the build definitions in TeamCity using the native plugin.

Atlassian Bamboo

Configure your Bamboo platform to trigger test automation on the Leapwork.

Defect/bug management


Automatically generate defects in Jira for failing test cases in Leapwork.

HP Quality Center

Attach the result of the automated test cases in HPQC.

Azure DevOps Server

Automatically create bugs in Azure DevOps.