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The Basics of Automating Oracle - Test automation and RPA

Oracle is one of the largest enterprise software vendors in the world, providing global businesses with databases, ERPs and other solutions for core business processes to run on.

Ensuring that these processes run efficiently and error-free is of the utmost importance, and has only become more critical with the emergence of the Corona Crisis that has brought a sudden economic downturn, pressuring businesses around the world to do more with less.

Automation is a solution that can help mitigate risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs, and the adoption of automation technology has therefore seen a spike in connection with this unprecedented crisis.

There are two types of automation that businesses can use with their Oracle software to achieve these outcomes: test automation and robotic process automation (RPA).

Read: What’s the difference between test automation and RPA?

While RPA is about automating repetitive processes across the organization, test automation is about using automation to test that applications and processes in and across them run as intended.

RPA is therefore relevant to anyone performing the same mundane tasks over and over on a computer, and can help free up massive amounts of time, while reducing error. 

Test automation’s relevance is more limited in the sense that it’s governed by the IT department - however, it is arguably in everyone’s interest, from employees’ to external stakeholders’, that critical business processes run as intended. If they don’t, it can have massive operational and financial consequences for the business.

In the following two blog posts, we’ll dive deeper into these two types of automation to gain a deeper understanding of how they each contribute to increasing productivity, lowering costs and reducing risk.

Learn more about Oracle test automation

Learn more about Oracle Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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