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[WHITEPAPER] Test Automation: The Codeless Answer

Today, digital transformation affects businesses in every market. Either they are driving it or being driven by it. As new business models emerge and customer demands keep increasing, enterprises everywhere struggle to stay relevant.

Quality Assurance (QA) and testing are at the very core of digital transformation. Proactive bug fixing requires testing and re-testing with each small change made to the underlying code. As software evolves, the need for repeated testing mounts.

Therefore, in order to improve testing processes and transform them into an efficient and cost-effective part of software development, companies are introducing concepts such as agile and DevOps in their teams. The rising adoption of these frameworks is slowly shrinking the gap between IT and business, allowing for more collaboration and continuous delivery. In order to facilitate this collaboration, automation has been brought into play.

However, most test automation tools are developed with a “programming mindset”, meaning that even those tools that claim to be codeless, still require testers to know code to some extent. The problem is, testers are not programmers.

Presuming that testers must learn how to code is problematic. We ignore the fact that coding takes many years of practice to master, just like any other craft. What’s more, coding takes time away from the testers’ primary function, that is, to design test cases.

The paradox is obvious: Test automation, which was supposed to free up resources for human testers, brings with it an array of new costly tasks. Fortunately, truly codeless automation is the answer.

Whether it is the increasing alignment between IT and business, the rising adoption of agile and DevOps, or the focus on time to market, no-code automation is the enabler that the software industry has been waiting for.

All trends in the software testing industry are pointing towards codeless test automation and in this whitepaper you will find the reasons why.

What should you expect to learn about?

-            Challenges in the software industry

-            The Test Automation Paradox

-            What does codeless truly mean

-            An agile and intuitive codeless automation tool

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Lucia Cavero-Baptista
Lucia Cavero-Baptista
Content Marketing Manager

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