Mainframe Automation Guide

The Complete Guide to Mainframe Automation Testing at Speed

Learn how to overcome common challenges in mainframe testing to achieve efficient, low-risk, and low-cost operations.

Summary: In this guide, we outline how modernizing mainframe testing with automation is possible. We discuss the main challenges in mainframe testing and test automation and explain how these can be overcome with the right mainframe automation testing tools and strategy. 

With this approach, enterprises can move away from tedious, error-prone manual testing and towards efficient and accurate automated tests.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

bullet_red_arrowWhy test automation is critical for mainframe testing

bullet_red_arrowHow to overcome common barriers in mainframe testing

bullet_red_arrowHow test automation supports agile and continuous testing

bullet_red_arrowExamples: where to start and which mainframe tests you can automate

bullet_red_arrowWhat to look for in a test automation tool for mainframe



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