Download the factsheet to learn how to speed up the process when testing ServiceNow applications.

Summary: Most enterprise applications share the same structural challenges for test automation - they rely on complicated technical implementations, nested iframes, dynamically changing the DOM and performing a lot of behind-the-scenes XHR requests. ServiceNow is no exception, and this has made it very difficult to test with tools, such as Selenium, without writing extensive amounts of code.

In this factsheet, you will find information that will help you reduce testing hours by automating ServiceNow without writing any programming language.

What you'll get:

bullet_red_arrowHow to implement 100% codeless ServiceNow automation

bullet_red_arrowDesign test cases 2x faster

bullet_red_arrowEmpower all ServiceNow users to automate


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Download the factsheet here

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The problem is that testing ServiceNow, especially heavily customized applications, is a real time sink and drains departments of valuable resources