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Product Training

This is where your test automation journey begins. Get started with Leapwork by choosing the course that's right for you. Whether you're looking to automate websites, desktop applications, or virtual desktops, there are tutorials available.

Once you are ready, learn about getting your Leapwork Professional certification.

Web applications

Automate websites, web-based applications, and mobile web pages with Selenium-powered web automation. No coding needed.

Desktop applications

Build automation flows for Windows-based applications like front- and back-office systems, including Microsoft, Java, and SAP.

Virtual and remote desktops

When automating virtualization software, like Citrix, image and text recognition is your friend. Learn to work with these powerful technologies.

SAP automation

Conduct lightning-fast SAP automation with Leapwork's dedicated smart recorder; then learn how to validate steps and set up maintainable, scalable flows.

Schedules and Run Lists

Schedule automation flows to be run on dedicated machines around the clock and in parallel.

Reports and Dashboard

Debug and troubleshoot with fully customizable reports and set up live monitoring with visual dashboards.

Data-driven automation

Learn to drive your automation flows with external data sources, such as spreadsheets and databases.

Reusability and Sub-flows

Lower maintenance and ensure consistency by converting parts of flows into reusable components, or Sub-flows.

Advanced automation and locator strategies

With the Leapwork Strategy Editor, you are in control of how elements are located when you run automation flows.

Automate on the go with the Smart Recorder

Design automation flows step-by-step without leaving the system that you're automating.

Microsoft ADO Test Plan Integration

Import test cases in Leapwork to automate and publish results on ADO.

Green screen automation

Learn how quick and easy it is to automate green screen terminals with Leapwork.

Testing the internet

Dive into dozens of specific and complex challenges in web automation – and learn how to deal with them.

Implementation and Architecture

Evaluating Leapwork

A step-by-step quick start guide for adopting the Leapwork Automation Platform.

Software installation guide

Install and set up the Leapwork Automation Platform in a few easy steps.

Working with Leapwork

Check out the full documentation for a basic understanding of how the platform works.


Plug Leapwork into your CD pipeline and integrate with build and release systems using our public REST API. Leapwork comes with native plugins for Jenkins, Azure DevOps Server/TFS, TeamCity, and Bamboo and can also be integrated with bug management systems.