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Get started with LEAPWORK

Roll out automation by following this step-by-step quick start guide for adopting the LEAPWORK Automation Platform. The guide covers:

• How do I evaluate an automation tool for my organization?
• How do I install the LEAPWORK trial?
• How do I adopt and deploy LEAPWORK?

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Plug LEAPWORK into your CD pipeline and integrate with build and release systems using our public REST API.

LEAPWORK comes with native plugins for Jenkins, TFS, TeamCity, and Bamboo and can also be integrated with bug management systems. Set up triggers for scripts, web services, and more.

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Installation and architecture

Installation guide

Watch this video to learn how to install and set up LEAPWORK in a few easy steps.

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Using LEAPWORK in teams

Watch this video to understand the multiple options for setting up LEAPWORK for a team.

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The LEAPWORK Automation Platform offers great flexibility and you can install and configure the application as needed. This includes both cloud-based deployment, using BrowserStack or Sauce Labs, on-premises installation, and more.

To learn more, please go to Architecture Overview and Deployment and Licensing.