Robotics process automation

You would be surprised how much of your work you could automate

Automating business processes isn't about replacing people with bots. It's about using technology to handle the tedious, error-prone tasks that prevent you and your team from focusing on the skilled work you were hired to do. That's where Leapwork comes in.

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An automation platform for business users

Collaborate easily across functions

Accelerate time to value

Minimize the maintenance workload

Automate business processes
with ease

Leapwork makes it straightforward for the people who truly understand your business processes to automate them. No coding skills or proprietary knowledge required. Instead, no matter what process you wish to automate, it can be mapped using the visual, universal language of flowcharts. Leapwork will then handle the rest.

Digital transformation doesn't have to be complex

Leapwork's makes it easier for business professionals to leverage technology in order to improve day-to-day tasks, whilst by-passing many of the complex challenges commonly associated with automation. This means you can reduce the burden of error-prone admin tasks, improve productivity, and achieve greater job satisfaction now, rather than later.

Some examples of what you can automate with Leapwork

Finance automation

Invoice cross-checks, expense reports validation, regulatory compliance reporting, handle loan application requests and insurance claims.

HR and Legal

Automate access management processes, conduct digital onboarding, absence pay adjustments, retrieval of archived emails to support legal cases and more.

Sales and Marketing

Exchange pricing data with distributors, create compelling business reports, automate order-to-cash process testing, scan competitor pricing.

Order processing, tracking and inventory

Automatically notify stakeholders about updates, perform continuous inventory checks, and provide stock data alerts as required.

Enable self-service

Use intelligent robotics process automation to provide comprehensive customer self-service solutions.

Create and deliver invoices

Update accounting records, prepare and deliver invoices from the correct email accounts

Integrate legacy systems

Automate the integration of legacy and new systems to enable easy transfer of data and processes.

Ensure round-the-clock services

Deliver the answers customers need around the clock with automate responses that address simple requests.

Service brokerage

Utilize virtual service brokers to easily manage multiple providers in a hybrid architecture.

Works across technology

Use the same visual, no-code approach to automate across any technology, from business critical legacy Mainframes, SAP, and modified packaged applications to web-based platforms that serve your customers.  

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