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SAP automation with LEAPWORK

Effortless automation of your SAP-based business processes and applications.

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The ideal way to automate SAP

From verifying cross-application processes to generating master data, LEAPWORK comes with built-in capabilities ideal for SAP automation. With the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, organizations do not have to worry about the highly technical know-how required by other SAP automation providers. LEAPWORK lets both technical and non-technical specialists design and execute automation flows across and beyond SAP without ever typing or reading a single line of code.

Enterprise automation

End-to-end automation inside and outside SAP

As an all-in-one automation platform, LEAPWORK is ideal for building automation flows that go across applications, technologies, and environments. Business processes and daily operations often involve multiple applications, for example a desktop-based ERP application, a web-based accounting application, and a third-party CRM system. Some actions might take place within SAP while others happen in separate systems. A multi-application process like this is easily automated with just one LEAPWORK flow.

Part of a LEAPWORK SAP automation flow.

Easily generate master data and build flows to verify processes

LEAPWORK’s flowchart-based automation is the simplest approach available for generating all the master data needed for testing and verification purposes. This makes it easy for both technical specialists and generalists across all business units to build automation cases for SAP-based tests and processes.

A LEAPWORK automation flow for SAP

Create reliable automated tests for system updates and cloud migration

Users can spend a few hours building a set of automation cases and then run them in different environments to test if they work across system versions, for example before migrating SAP processes to the cloud.

Man sketching plans on a glass pane

Just one skill set needed for implementing automation

All capabilities in the LEAPWORK Automation Platform are based on the same intuitive draw-and-click approach. This means that as soon as users have familiarized themselves with designing work processes with LEAPWORK, they can roll out automation in their organization regardless of which SAP client in use and which other technologies are involved.

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