Desktop automation

Automate across business critical systems, easily

When desktop applications form the core of operations, your organization needs a fast and efficient way to verify them. Leapwork makes this possible with an automation platform that strips away complexity, so QA teams can automate testing for Windows software and desktop-based systems with ease.

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Increase productivity & efficiency

Non-developers can build up desktop automation quickly, enabling QA, development and IT teams to reinvest saved time in innovation.

Works across all popular desktop technologies

Automate desktop applications based on all major frameworks with powerful native object inspection.

Scale automation easily

Ramp up automation across all types of application technology, from web to desktop, SaaS, legacy systems, and virtual desktops.

Built for DevOps

Collaborate effortlessly, integrate seamlessly into your DevOps toolset, and achieve continuous end-to-end automated testing.

Benefit from automation, faster

Leapwork’s universal, visual user interface enables different people with a range of skills and expertise to build, maintain and scale desktop automation quickly.

For a fast, efficient way to automate and verify Windows software and desktop-based business systems.

Lots of customizations? No problem

Commercial desktop applications often require multiple customizations to make them work in line with business requirements.

With Leapwork, you can handle multiple scenarios related to your application and process estate, verify that changes quickly, and prevent costly downtime or errors entering production.

Simple automation for
complex IT environments

From desktop-based applications running on WPF and ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle, to CRMs, Finance Software or web platforms that deliver Ecommerce services, Leapwork enables you to use the same visual no-code approach to automate end-to-end across technology.

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Everything else you need for efficient, effective, scalable desktop automation

Built for DevOps

Remove siloes and integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline for rapid feedback with plugins to Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo and more.

Low maintenance

Reusable test cases and test case components, visual debugging, advanced analytics and data-driven capabilities make automation easy to design and maintain.

Execute efficiently

Work across teams, utilize resources efficiently, parallelize tests, and get the business intelligence needed to scale automation quickly and effectively.


Comes with tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting and dashboards, as well as access control with full Active Directory support.

Deploy securely

Built-in compliance capabilities with internal and external standards for data storage, backup, disaster recovery, and access control.

Design automation with AI

AI capabilities for intelligent text recognition, self-healing automation, NLP and more.

"We have achieved a level of test coverage that is not possible with other solutions on the market"

Claes-Jan Wolff

IT Architect, GF Forsikring

Works with all popular desktop technologies


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