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Product road map

Updated: December 2017.


We have a very exciting road map planned for 2018, where we will continue to empower businesses and test teams around the world to automate repetitive work processes without having to write code.

Here are some select highlights of the 2018 road map.


Automate Business-Critical SAP Applications

We are bringing our unique visual flowchart automation engine to business-critical SAP applications. Starting in January, you will be able to automate anything in SAP GUI just like any other desktop application. This comes with no additional license costs and no need to learn something new. The existing Desktop UI building blocks will simply work on SAP GUI as well.


Mobile Web Automation

In March, we will deliver one of the most anticipated and requested features when we expand the web automation capabilities in LEAPWORK to include mobile devices both locally and in the cloud. Being able to easily automate and test fully responsive web apps on cloud services such as Sauce Labs and BrowserStack will be a game changer.


The Next Generation in Automation Engines

Some automation flows are completely linear: They fire up a desktop application or a web browser, perform some actions, and either succeed or fail. But the real world is far more complex than that. That is why we are changing the way automation flows and sub-flows are organized as well as how data-driven automation works. Beginning in the second quarter, our next generation automation engine will bring support for advanced parallel streams, long-running processes, user interaction, workflow triggers, in-editor visualization of complex data structures, and much more.


Collaboration and Governance

Today, LEAPWORK users often share assets through source control systems such as TFS and Git. But starting in February, you will be able to rely entirely on LEAPWORK to manage revisions, access control, and audit tracking of all assets, including reporting data in an embedded database that will be lightning fast.


The LEAPWORK Software Development Kit: Unlimited Extensibility

We are also going to open for the inner workings of all the building blocks. The coders in your team will be able to, not just peek inside, but actively modify the code, or even build completely new blocks from scratch using an integrated SDK and code editor.


A Big User Experience Boost

The LEAPWORK user experience is already one of a kind, with its easy-to-use visual automation flows, wired up building blocks, and Office-like friendliness. But throughout 2018, we will deliver significant UX upgrades with a far more flexible and hierarchy-based automation flow editor. We are not hesitating to guarantee it will to make your automation productivity go through the roof.

All in all, 2018 is shaping up to become the most exciting year for LEAPWORK yet, with major product features being released every quarter. We cannot wait to get started on it all together with you.