ServiceNow automation

Gain confidence in all of your ServiceNow processes

Leapwork's no-code platform makes it easy to build and maintain ServiceNow automation, so you can have immediate confidence that your business-critical processes aren’t impacted by upgrades and releases.

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Increase productivity

Remove repetitive ServiceNow tests and processes quickly, for rapid productivity gains across business functions.


Automate immediately

Leapwork comes with out-of-the-box ServiceNow automation flows, so you can get started immediately.

Scale quickly

Use the same visual, no-code approach to automate ServiceNow and across your wider IT landscape - for maximum coverage.

Test faster in parallel

Leapwork comes with built-in integrations that let you test across platforms, devices and browsers in parallel at speed.

The challenge

ServiceNow is the cross-functional backbone for millions of enterprises worldwide. It includes a range of applications for IT, security, customer service, HR and more. Yet business-critical processes are put at risk with every system upgrade or custom development.

So how to continuously verify ServiceNow-driven processes at the necessary speed, without compromising on quality?

ServiceNow automation built for business experts

ServiceNow automation shouldn’t drain resources. Especially when highly skilled specialists need to take time out from their daily operations to contribute. 

To maximize automation efficiency, Leapwork gives business users and QA engineers a highly-intuitive, visual way to build ServiceNow automation that takes all of the unnecessary complexity out of the process.

Lots of customizations?
No problem

Testing shouldn't stand in the way of change readiness, no matter how many system modifications or customizations are at play.

Leapwork removes developer dependency and enables teams to collaborate, build, maintain, and scale automation with ease for a more agile delivery pipeline.

cross-technology automation

A single Leapwork automation flow can span across multiple technologies, including ServiceNow, desktop, web and legacy systems. This allows you to continuously verify thousands of business-critical processes across operations using the same visual, no-code approach.

"The possibilities for ServiceNow automation are endless."

Dean Simonsen

IT Process Manager

An automation solution for agile, cross-functional teams

Delivering at speed requires your key people to focus on what they do best. With Leapwork's no-code automation platform, business process experts can build and maintain ServiceNow automation without depending on programmers.

This means fewer bottlenecks, agile teams that can handle major ServiceNow releases without fear, and more time to focus on innovation.

Everything you need to automate ServiceNow

Built for DevOps

Remove siloes and integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline for rapid feedback, with plugins to Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo and more.

Low maintenance

Reusable test cases and test case components, visual debugging and advanced analytics make automation easy to maintain, for a more agile delivery pipeline.

Execute automation efficiently

Work across teams, utilize resources efficiently, parallelize tests, and get the business intelligence needed to scale automation quickly and effectively.


Comes with tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting and dashboards, as well as access control with full Active Directory support.

Deploy securely

Built-in compliance with internal and external standards for data storage, backup, disaster recovery and access control.

Design automation with AI

Intelligent text recognition, create self-healing cross technology automation, utilize NLP and more.


Leapwork for ServiceNow brief

Speed up releases and support ITOps with Leapwork’s no-code test automation for ServiceNow. 

Test Automation Tools for ServiceNow

Find out how different test automation vendors compare for ServiceNow test automation. 

ServiceNow automation with Leapwork

Learn how to speed up the testing process in your ServiceNow instance and mitigate any risk caused by customizations or frequent system updates.

Trusted by global enterprises

Automate tests and processes with ease.

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