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ServiceNow Automation

LEAPWORK’s no-code test automation platform makes it easy to build and analyze ServiceNow tests, so you can have confidence that your business-critical processes aren’t impacted by any upgrade.

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ServiceNow testing drains companies of critical resources

For major enterprises managing critical infrastructure, system failures are extremely costly. This makes it crucial to thoroughly test your business’ operational backbone: your ServiceNow application.

However, testing efforts take time away from highly skilled specialists’ primary tasks, such as improving Customer Experience functions. LEAPWORK is here to change that.

bullet_arrowsDesign and maintain tests easily, without the need to code

bullet_arrowsOut-of-the-box automation for ServiceNow

bullet_arrowsAutomate tests inside and out of ServiceNow, for end-to-end coverage



“Excellent support. Modular and powerful tool for testing desktop and web applications.”

Vegar Warhuus, Senior Software Tester & Team Lead at Admincontrol


Design automation with flowcharts

We’ve taken code out of the equation, so you can rollout and benefit from automation faster than ever before.

With simple, visual building blocks, you can create anythingfrom complex, end-to-end test cases to data-driven, cross-technology flowswith ease.

bullet_arrowsTest processes end-to-end across technologies, easily

bullet_arrowsFast troubleshooting with intuitive reporting tools

bullet_arrowsStraightforward integration with your CI/CD pipeline

Data-driven ServiceNow automation done easy

Run test cases with automated input from spreadsheets, databases, and web services. Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests and use the results live. Enter data sources and dynamic values with visual connectors to instruct LEAPWORK to iterate through records of data while repeating the steps of test cases.


Test processes end-to-end across technologies

The combination of the core technologies that make up LEAPWORK gives you unmatched power for automating tests across technologies. Move seamlessly from SAP and web to desktop and Citrix—and even 3D apps—within a single automation flow.

Fast troubleshooting with visual documentation

Test runs are documented in three ways: A video recording of the entire run, a debug version of your design canvas, and an activity log with debug information from the building blocks. All three are correlated and can be inspected simultaneously. 

LEAPWORK also comes with in-built exception reporting as well as integrations with Power BI and Tableau for advanced data visualization and easier management of automation at scale.


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