Test automation used to be about coding. We’ve changed that.

Your QA team is under pressure to meet the demands of the release cycle and protect product quality in the face of tighter budgets and fewer resources.

LEAPWORK’s no-code automation platform makes it easy to build and maintain test automation, so you and your team can reap the benefits quickly and meet these challenges head on.

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The question isn’t “should I automate my tests?”
It's “how quickly can I see the benefits?”

Now your QA specialists can build automated test cases with ease. Say goodbye to repetitive, tedious work. Say hello to no-code test automation for enterprises.

bullet_arrowsBuild automated tests in minutes

bullet_arrowsRemove the maintenance burden

bullet_arrowsScale quickly for maximum coverage


“Works with practically any application.
Easy to use, easy to maintain.”

Lau Lorenzen, Test Specialist at Danske Bank

Empower your QA team and improve productivity

Test automation isn’t about replacing people with robots. It's about automating the boring, repetitive, error-prone tasks that prevent your QA and Development teams from doing the highly skilled work that requires their business and technical expertise.

LEAPWORK’s no-code solution enables you to get to this point faster than any other test automation platform on the market.


Reduce risk and costs now, not later

Tests are built in LEAPWORK using the universal, visual language of flowcharts. This allows for agile, intuitive test automation that doesn't require any coding.

With the barrier of developer dependency removed, you can match the pace of the release cycle, improve test accuracy, minimize costs and reduce the risk of shipping with bugsimmediately.

97 %
Efficiency gains

An average of 40 mins testing down from 3 days.

80 %
Faster testing

An immediate reduction in time spent testing

8 x
Faster automation design

Compared to other automation platforms

1 week
to achieve value creation

Benefit from automation immedately

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Data-driven automation done easy

Run test cases with automated input from spreadsheets, databases, and web services. Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests and use the results, live. Enter data sources and dynamic values with visual connectors to instruct LEAPWORK to iterate through records of data while repeating the steps of test cases.


Fast troubleshooting with visual documentation

Test runs are documented in three ways: A video recording of the entire run, a debug version of your test case design canvas, and an activity log with debug information from the building blocks that make up your test flow. All three are correlated and can be inspected simultaneously. 

LEAPWORK also comes with in-built exception reporting as well as integrations with Power BI and Tableau for advanced data visualization and easier management of automation at scale.


Automate anything with LEAPWORK

LEAPWORK automates across platforms, systems and applications. Here are some
of the most commonly used technologies automated with LEAPWORK.


“It took me five minutes to build my very first automated test case, and that’s a case I’m still using to this day.”

Maarten Hersbach, Test Engineer at Voogd and Voogd

Be more agile, improve productivity.

See what you could achieve with no-code test automation.

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