Salesforce automation

Robust, fast Salesforce automation without code

Turbocharge automation of critical processes and scale faster in Salesforce with an automation platform that both business and IT people can use. Don't let Salesforce seasonal releases disrupt business continuity in your organization. 

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Reduce manual testing

With the fastest learning curve on the market, business and QA users can take ownership of Salesforce automation easily.

Mitigate risk at scale

Quickly ramp up automation coverage to ensure end-to-end business process continuity across your organization.

Quality at speed

Accelerate testing of custom, 3rd-party, and standard Salesforce apps and integrations, and release with confidence.

Seamless collaboration

Enable people with different skills and expertise to work efficiently together and automate Salesforce.

Mitigate risk with hypervisual debugging

Highly intuitive visual debugging capabilities and reusable components make it fast and easy to maintain automation, no matter how complex your use case portfolio.

Leapwork gives immediate visibility of an issue so that you can find and fix bugs fast. With a video recording of the run, a debug version of the flow with data-driven insights, and an activity log, easily identify and diagnose why a test has failed.

Ensure business continuity, with cross application automation

Whether your Salesforce applications (from Customer 360 to Marketing Cloud) tie into multiple web-based portals, or you need to conduct data-driven tests for a third-party logistics management platform with a CRM integration, Leapwork enables you to use the same intuitive, visual approach to build automation across your application portfolio.

Everything you need to test and validate Salesforce

Drive automation with data

Run test cases with automated input from spreadsheets, databases, and web services. Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests and use the results live, to drive better tests and speed up maintenance.

Test end-to-end

Leapwork integrates seamlessly into your existing CI/CD pipeline to deliver rapid feedback, with plugins to Azure Devops, Jenkins, Bamboo and more.

Built-in reusability

Reusable test cases and test case components, visual debugging and advanced analytics make automation easy to maintain, for a more agile delivery pipeline.

Execute efficiently

Work across teams, utilize resources efficiently, parallelize tests, and get the business intelligence needed to scale automation quickly.

Deploy securely

Built-in compliance with internal and external standards for data storage, backup, disaster recovery and access control.

Design automation with AI

Intelligent text recognition, create self-healing cross technology automation, utilize NLP and more.

Data-driven test automation for continuous testing

Run test cases with automated input from spreadsheets, databases, and web services. Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests and use the results live. Enter data sources and dynamic values with visual connectors to instruct Leapwork to iterate through records of data while repeating the steps of test cases.

Some examples of what you can automate with Leapwork

Validate data

Verify that data is updated or synchronized between Salesforce and other platforms, systems and databases.

Integrate legacy systems

Test integrations of legacy and new systems to secure accurate transfer of data and processes.

Update and migrate with confidence

Automate testing to ensure business continuity with every Salesforce update and ensure a smooth migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.

Regression test with every release

Automate regression testing to minimize the risk of bugs released into production with new releases.

Test end-to-end

Test across your entire system infrastructure, including web, desktop, mobile, virtual, cloud, and legacy systems.

Drive automation with data

Use captured lead data from live events or campaigns to test scenarios or processes in Salesforce.

Automate across your technology stack


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