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Automate Citrix and virtual desktops

The image and text recognition technology of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform is a powerful approach to automating Citrix, graphics, games, and native mobile applications.

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Automate anything you see on-screen

Besides its comprehensive automation capabilities for web, desktop, and SAP, the LEAPWORK Automation Platform also comes with an entire set of automation blocks for all actions related to image and text recognition. These include finding, selecting, and getting text and image elements as well as controlling any mouse and keyboard action.

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Works with any virtual interface

Applications that only render finished pixels on a screen cannot be automated with regular automation approaches. This is true for virtual desktops and Citrix applications, but also graphics applications, games (both 2D and 3D), and Java applets, to name a few. The automation blocks for image and text recognition are designed to handle this specific challenge.

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Combine image recognition with other automation capabilities

The capabilities of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform can be used in combination as needed. For example, a workflow that involves both an off-the-shelf desktop application and a custom-built visual component can be automated by combining Desktop UI building blocks with Image Recognition blocks.

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