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How to evaluate LEAPWORK

1. Install trial

 LEAPWORK offers a free two-week trial that lets you build automation cases right away.

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Read installation guide

2. Define evaluation criteria

Time required: Typically ½-1 day.

When choosing an automation tool, whether it is for automating tests or business processes, it is important to set up some criteria for evaluating whether the tool is the right fit for your organization.

Our clients have experienced that to find the right automation tool there needs to be a fit in the following three areas: technology fit, process fit, and organizational fit.

Technology fit

Define the technology that you are looking to automate, and then find out if the automation tool in question supports that technology. In most cases, you can place it in one of the following categories - all of which are supported by LEAPWORK. Click on the links for more information.

•   Web-based technology or mobile web application. More info.

•   Desktop-based application. More info.

•   SAP-based application. More info.

•   Citrix or other virtual desktop-based technology. More info.

Process fit

Start by outlining two or three flows that you want to automate. We recommend identifying some common processes that are often repeated and which, if automated, would bring about significant efficiency gains.

Then use these cases for evaluating a tool’s user-friendliness; how easy is it to build these flows as automation cases with the respective tool?

Organizational fit

To make sure that LEAPWORK is a good fit for your organization internally and to get all stakeholders on board with the implementation, a complete product documentation is available for you to consult and distribute as needed.

Read full documentation here.

3. Try out the tool

Time required: Typically 2-3 days.

Once you have downloaded the trial of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, you can begin working with LEAPWORK Studio right away. This is the visual designer where you build your automation cases.

To give you the best possible experience with the LEAPWORK trial, we highly recommend you check out the LEAPWORK Learning Center - your go-to-place for training and inspiration. All courses and materials are free and publicly available at any time.

The Learning Center currently includes courses in the following areas:

•   Web automation: Learn how to build automation cases for websites, web applications, and mobile web pages.

•   Desktop automation: Build automation cases for front- and back-office systems, including MS Office, Java, and SAP.

•   Virtual automation: Utilize image and text recognition technology to automate Citrix and much more.

•   Advanced features of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, including data-driven automation, logic, and much more.

Go to Learning Center.

Adoption of LEAPWORK

When your organization is ready for adopting the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, we recommend you consider and make a timeline for the following adoption activities:

Training: Train everyone in your automation team in how to work with the LEAPWORK Automation Platform.

Deployment: Decide on a plan for deployment and how to maintain upgrades. More info about deployment here.

Pilot: Define a pilot project for one or more applications to establish a center of excellence and company-wide best practices for working with automation flows. The duration of this stage is typically 1-3 months.

Automation strategy, management, and execution: Make sure you automate the right processes, in the right order, with the right people.

Third-party integration: Plug LEAPWORK into your existing release pipeline, test management or bug management system. More info about integrations here.

LEAPWORK has a partner network that can assist with all adoption activities.

Find a LEAPWORK partner.


If you need more help or got any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.