Automate D365 end-to-end with every Microsoft release and Proactive Quality Update

We’re a leading solution for AI-powered D365 automation. Get started today and achieve time to value in just 30 days.  

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What makes us a leader
in automating Dynamics 365?

Ensure continuity with every D365 update

Test every Proactive Quality Update and Service Update with schedules and triggers to reduce bugs and minimize risk.

Supports your D365 delivery ecosystem

Integrates seamlessly into your existing CI/CD pipeline so you can find and fix problems faster.

Build D365 automation with ease  

Visual AI automation allows your D365 experts to easily build and maintain automation.

Time to value in  30 days

Get up-and-running quickly for increased confidence in your D365 application ecosystem.

Embrace your entire Quality Assurance journey 

With frequent updates to core applications, multiple customizations and integrations to manage, Dynamics-driven organizations face a growing workload to verify business-critical processes. With Leapwork you can manage, plan, document, execute, and report while remaining best friends with your software development teams.   

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  • Automate functional UI tests with our smart recorder. As simple as clicking on a UI element to capture and define an element. Then sit back and watch your test cases become flows.

  • Don’t start from scratch every time. Turn common steps into reusable sub-flows. Meaning less maintenance. Fewer development bottlenecks. Much happier teams.

  • Struggling to find why a test failed? Quickly find the what and the why in three ways: video recordings, data-level insights, and activity logs.

  • Call data sources from outside of Dynamics, and validate your tests. Any source. No matter the platform you're testing. All using the same visual approach.

  • Automate with intelligent building blocks. Across every application in your tech stack. All using the same tool. Don't see your application listed?

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  • Test earlier. Get feedback faster. Enhance your Dynamics testing with our integrations to any CI/CD orchestration tool.

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“The ROI we've seen from Leapwork has been outstanding. We've seen a 10% headcount efficiency, a 90% reduction in bugs and we've increased our throughput by roughly 3x.”

Dan Madden, Director of CRM

"It is much more user friendly to use Leapwork than other tools. In other tools, you have to be a hardcore developer to be able to create flows"

Ken Graham, Director, Visma Automate

Proactive Quality Updates

With Microsoft moving one step closer to their One Version mission, D365 Proactive Quality Updates will be pushed out automatically and monthly. They can’t be canceled or postponed.

Leapwork’s test automation solution helps D365-driven businesses stay on top of these growing testing requirements so risk can be minimized with every update.

People using the Leapwork test automation tool to automate dynamics 365

Everything you need to automate Dynamics 365

Analyze D365 processes at scale

Get in-built exception reports and integrations to Power BI and Tableau, for the data you need to make better business decisions.

Data-driven automation

Gives you a straightforward way to automate cases with input from spreadsheets, databases, and web services.

Built-in reusability

Reusable test cases and test case components, visual debugging and advanced analytics make automation easy to maintain, for a more agile delivery pipeline.


Comes with tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting and dashboards and access control with full Active Directory support.

Design better D365 automation with AI

Intelligent text recognition and self-healing technology are just some of the AI capabilities that enhance the automation process.

Built for DevOps

Remove silos, collaborate easily, and integrate directly into your CI/CD pipeline with plugins to Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, and more.

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