Desktop automation with LEAPWORK

Automate daily work processes and test business-critical systems.

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Build automation flows for desktop applications

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform includes an extensive set of powerful building blocks for desktop automation. With these, you can build robust automation cases for core business applications. LEAPWORK’s Desktop UI technology relies on Microsoft Windows’ built-in automation capabilities enabling completely reliable automation of applications built with common Windows frameworks.

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Multi-application automation

An automation case in the LEAPWORK Automation Platform does not have involve just one desktop application. In fact, to reflect common, day-to-day business processes, automation flows can go across applications, both desktop- and web-based. This is possible by combining the Desktop UI-blocks with LEAPWORK’s web automation capabilities

Automate any desktop technology, including:

Microsoft Office

Java applications

WPF applications


Visual Basic 6.0

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

and many more

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