Mainframe automation

Legacy systems don’t need to block business agility

With automation from Leapwork, Mainframe green screen-driven organizations can ramp up the modernization process and accelerate delivery of best-in-class digital services - without the risk of disrupting business continuity or compromising data integrity.

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The challenge

Mainframes are used for a reason. They offer guaranteed reliability, unwavering security, and can handle vast amounts of data needed to power “can’t fail” business operations.

Testing mainframes and mainframe integrations is therefore critical. But how to ensure the necessary coverage without limiting your organization’s ability to create an agile pipeline and enhance digital services?

This is where Leapwork comes in.

Less green screen, more automation

Manually testing command lines and green screen can lead to a lot of human error. Leapwork supports easy green screen automation with a codeless terminal emulator.

Mainframe automation without the bottlenecks

Leapwork's visual language enables QA teams to automate mainframe green screen tests without the need to code, freeing up developer time and driving a more agile pipeline.

Scale automation across your IT portfolio

Use the same universal, visual approach to automate end-to-end mainframe tests, integrations, and midlevel changes in a maintainable and scalable way.

End-to-end automation across technology

Use the same visual, no-code approach to automate across any technology, from business critical legacy Mainframes, SAP, and modified packaged applications to web-based platforms that serve your customers.

Everything you need to automate Mainframe


Comes with tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting and dashboards, as well as access control with full Active Directory support.

Deploy securely

Built-in compliance with internal and external standards for data storage, backup, disaster recovery and access control.

Design automation with AI

Intelligent text recognition, create self-healing cross technology automation, utilize NLP and more.

Built for DevOps

Remove siloes and integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline for rapid feedback, with plugins to Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo and more.

Built-in reusability

Reusable test cases and test case components, visual debugging and advanced analytics make automation easy to maintain, for a more agile delivery pipeline.

Terminal emulation

Support for emulators and modes, from IBM i Access Client Solutions (5250 mode) and MicroFocus Rumba+ Desktop (3270 and 5250 modes).

Automation for the finance sector

Discover how Leapwork delivers value for BFSI organizations operating with a complex web of legacy systems and newer technologies.


The complete guide to Mainframe testing

Learn how to overcome common challenges in Mainframe testing to achieve efficient, low-risk, lower-cost operations. 

Green screen automation

Learn about green screens and how you can automate them in this blog post.

Live webinar: No-code automation

Discover how Leapwork supports organizations undergoing digital transformation through no-code automation.

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