Leapwork Customer Success Story

Software Provider Automates Processes for Improved Customer Experience

For competitive reasons, the client has decided to participate anonymously in this story. Should you decide to go through the sales cycle with Leapwork, we are able to provide a reference call.

With a two man team, this major software provider built automation in Citrix in under one month. This removed manual and time-consuming tasks from payroll staff, and freed up half a year of work hours for initiatives to improve customer uptake.


A million business-to-business users rely on this vendor’s software solutions and services for functions within HR, payroll, accounting, and more. A steady stream of new customers means that a smooth onboarding process was key. However, manual work created bottlenecks during customer onboarding. This made the entire system vulnerable.

When a customer created a new account for a service, it took time to access the account. In some cases, it required manual unlocking which could take several hours. This particular process became a standard procedure carried out every morning.

“If the person responsible was out sick for example, there was no back-up for handling this task,” Henry Berg said.


Additionally, handling the reimbursement of employees’ travel expenses was time-consuming. Even so, this repetitive task manned by one person had to be verified. Dates and money needed to correspond with receipts.


The mounting tasks that prevented the team from improving processes pushed Process Automation Manager, Henry Berg, to find new and smarter ways to perform their tasks.

What mattered was that the solution they chose was user friendly, and worked in the virtual desktop environment - Citrix.

To start with, they looked to automate three back-office processes:

  • Unlocking of new online customer accounts,
  • Verifying employees’ travel expense reports,
  • Sending reports to authorities in relation to the vendor’s salary services.

To make these processes smarter, they went with Leapwork’s Automation Platform for its user-friendliness and virtual desktop automation capabilities, specifically the ability to flawlessly automate Citrix applications.

“Leapwork was the only tool we tried that solved the Citrix automation without errors.” - Henry Berg


Within four weeks of using Leapwork, Berg and his team were able to automate their first process - verifying travel expense reports.

By scanning employees’ expense receipts, the automation built in Leapwork took care of the verification and reported any errors. This change freed up half a year in work hours, and the payroll specialist can now spend her time more productively and focus on other pressing tasks.

As a result, Berg mentions that they “have improved the on-boarding process and definitely increased customer satisfaction.”

In addition, Berg and his team have the ability to automatically unlock new accounts. “We have now completely eliminated the issue of clients experiencing being locked out from their account,” Berg said.

Looking to the future, Berg sees “enormous” potential in automating more processes in the organization. He continues to search for and implement automation to any tasks that involve manual verification.

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About the customer

  • Software solutions and services
  • Employees: 6,600
  • B2B users: approx. 1 million


Automation of back-office processes, service desk tasks, and customer on-boarding.


Key achievements

  • First automation flow built in <1 month

  • Time freed up for payroll staff: ½ full-time-equivalent
  • Increased customer uptake and satisfaction

“We have improved the on-boarding process and definitely increased customer satisfaction. Leapwork was the only tool we tried that solved the Citrix automation without errors.

Henry Berg,
Process Automation Manager

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