Leapwork Customer Success Story

Admincontrol increases their annual deployments in production by 400%

During a period of rapid growth in 2017, the team at Admincontrol realized that they needed more automation support to keep up with their software releases – they were doing all of their testing manually, and this was neither maintainable or scalable.

The Situation

Admincontrol supports the making of quality decisions by delivering an online solution for efficient and secure management of business-critical information. It offers web-based solutions as well as a separate iPad and iPhone app, facilitating secure collaboration and the easy sharing of documents in business processes 

Before adopting Leapwork, Admincontrol were limited to relatively few regression tests and were struggling to test thoroughly. 

“When we had big releases, we needed to run 1500-2000 regression tests (in addition to all the testing needed for the new features) and this put a lot of pressure on us. We felt less secure because we had to prioritize harder when choosing what to test.” 

Vegar Warhuus. Software Testing Team Lead. 

The company became increasingly vulnerable to releasing bugs into production.

If left unaddressed, this problem could have led to customers being blocked from doing their work, and, ultimately, becoming dissatisfied.  It was difficult to find the right blend of competencies to keep complex testing frameworks floating for long periods of time.

If the team’s test instigator or other key resources were unavailable, it was difficult to find someone else to pick up the pace. 

The Solution

That’s why Admincontrol needed a tool that was intuitive and that everyone could understand.

The team wanted to take a more proactive approach to testing and avoid problems altogether rather than fixing poor quality software. They needed a solution that was intuitive and easy to use, gave them a high test coverage, and was easy to maintain. 

That’s where Leapwork came in. As a visual test automation tool that doesn’t require the steep learning curve and personnel that code-based tools depend on, it is simple and intuitive. 

With Leapwork, it’s as simple as create – flow – go!

Using existing resources

Before using Leapwork, Admincontrol's regression testing efforts were mostly manual, and they had no automated end-to-end regression tests.

They wanted to increase their automation efforts, but to avoid test automation being something done by “some separate guy in the corner”. 

Now, their completely visual, no-code tool can be fully controlled and managed by non-developers.

It has become an integral part of the development process, working hand-in-hand with PO, testers, infrastructure engineers, architects, and UX experts. 

That meant avoiding siloed work and a new ability for autonomous teams to own the whole development and QA activities of a project.

The significant increase of costs from adding more and more resources for manual testing stopped, and the company were able to repurpose resources, and stay competitive. 

Quality at speed

Admincontrol were able to integrate Leapwork into their CI/CD pipeline and configure the tool to trigger automatically and provide immediate feedback on results. 

This meant less bugs getting into production and less time and money spent on fixing them. The team had more confidence in their releases being of high quality. 

According to Admincontrol’s Software Testing Team Lead, Vegar Warhuus, other tools seemed too complex and rigid, required programming skills, and the record and playback tools often gave unreliable tests. 

With Leapwork, on the other hand, they could start using subflows and building blocks to intuitively build their own modules, adding reusable components and logics to save time and create more test cases.

All this led to an ability to create better quality at lower cost and risk. 

More time for innovation

“Now we have more time for test disciplines that require high technical skills and test analysis capacities.”

Vegar Warhuus. Software Testing Team Lead. 

Admincontrol’s team now works more autonomously. They have more time to develop new features and make improvements, plus the time they've saved on regression testing can be repurposed for more technical test disciplines. All in all, there’s more time to focus on value-creating activities. 

Now, Admincontrol is bringing out new capabilities 4x faster – they’re able to more quickly adapt and retain customers by responding to their evolving needs, staying ahead of the competition and, ultimately, increasing their revenue.

No-code test automation webinar

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About the customer

  • Industry: IT

  • A Saas company founded in 2005 in Norway acquired by the successful Visma Group in 2017 

  • Over 900 active projects with their data room, a due diligence platform for M&A, fundraising and restructuring

  • 6,700 customers and 112,000 users on their board portal offering for digital document sharing and collaboration



Technologies automated

  • Web, .NET (NET, Angular js SAAS with SQL Server database, iOS native app + Cross platform Android and UWP native APP)


  • Mostly manual testing 

  • High maintenance level 

  • Ever-increasing testing required

  • Risk-based testing 



  • Easy to use and maintain

  • Close to 90% end-to-end test coverage

  • 2,000+ automated tests executed every week

  • CI/CD 

  • From 3 releases per year to 1 per month 

“Having automation in place has allowed us to keep up with the pace needed for our business to stay competitive.”

Vegar Warhuus

Software Testing Team Lead

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