Healthcare and life sciences automation

Quality and speed are not mutually exclusive

For organizations operating in heavily regulated environments, quality and compliance are essential. But so too is delivering high quality applications at speed. With automation from Leapwork, software delivery teams never have to make the choice.

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Improve collaboration

Enable business users, QA teams and IT to contribute to automation easily - for better tests, faster validation, and fewer bottlenecks.

Be more responsive

Free up time to focus on non-repetitive, value-adding tasks. For a more agile way of working. 

Mitigate risk

Reduce human error, catch problems earlier, and ensure compliance for more confidence in system and service integrity.

Maximize coverage

With the fastest learning curve on the market and expansive cross-technology capabilities, Leapwork makes it easy to scale automation.

Put the power of automation into more hands

At Leapwork’s core is a visual, universal language that people with different skills and expertise can use to automate tests and processes.

This means the speed your organization can rollout and benefit from automation is no longer reliant on the availability of technical IT resources.

Deliver faster, no matter how complex your compliance landscape

For organizations operating in the life science and healthcare sectors, strict validation and documentation requirements often slow down the speed of delivery.

As well as providing a deeply intuitive way to automate tests and processes, Leapwork supports seamless adherence to extensive external standards of compliance from GxP and 21 CFR to internal standards driven by DevOps.

Seamless cross-technology automation

Use the same visual, no-code approach to automate across any technology, from business critical legacy Mainframes, SAP, and modified packaged applications, to web-based platforms that serve your customers.  

Made for DevOps

Breaks down communication barriers, speeds up feedback, and plugs into your CI/CD pipeline with integrations to Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps and more.

Regulatory compliance

Easily verify that any automation flow approved in a certain context will remain tamperproof and unchanged.

Enterprise-grade governance

Comes with built-in version control, tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting and dashboards, as well as access control with full Active Directory support.

Deploy securely

Encrypted in-flight TLS 1.2 compliant data and data storage, full access control, and fits directly into your on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure.

Work securely across teams

Easily apply complex access control schemes, define roles and privilages, share assets, track workflows and get total visibility of resources and ownership across automation lifescycles.

Turn data into insights

Monitor outcomes at scale and make better business decisions with in-built exception reports and advanced data visualization tools from Power BI and Tableau.

Some examples of what you can automate with Leapwork

Test automation

Automate functional testing, regression testing, software security checks, vulnerability tests and more.

Automation for IT Ops

Perform start-of-day checks, automate service requests traversing legacy systems, and test in production.

Ramp up auto-adjudication

Automate processes blocking auto-adjudication - such as "Patient not found" checks - to improve the speed and accuracy of claims processing.

Continuous validation

Continuously validate updates and modifications of SaaS and COTS software.

Integrate legacy systems

Automate the integration of legacy and new systems to enable easy transfer of data and processes.

Compliance and reporting

Quickly and accurately verify automation to GxP and other external standards, automatically compile data for reporting, and more.

Appointment scheduling

Create improved appointment scheduling experiences.

Migrate data

Automatically migrate data between systems, across platforms and technologies.

Patient file updates

Ensure patient data is always up-to-date and synchronized across systems.

Case Study

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences achieve 3 x faster time to market for its global ecommerce platform

Leapwork supports innovative life sciences organization to improve the user experience globally by increasing the quality and frequency of feature releases.

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