Leapwork Customer Success Story

How Ascensus Tripled its CRM Testing Efficiency


Ascensus, the largest recordkeeping services provider, third-party administrator, and government savings facilitator in the US, relies on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to manage customer relationships and business growth. This application is business-critical for Ascensus.

Previously, their QA strategy involved 100% manual testing, which was slow and costly. 

The CRM team faced several challenges:

  • Excessive time spent on regression testing, especially following D365 updates
  • Inability to achieve desired test coverage with limited testing resources
  • Manual testing errors leading to bugs in production and service disruptions
  • Unable to shift focus from maintaining the CRM to driving innovation


Ascensus chose Leapwork due to its rapid time to value, projected ROI, and easy-to-use interface. Leapwork's three-month onboarding program and no-code platform blew the competition out of the water, allowing Ascensus to swiftly secure budget internally.

Leapwork’s tool is designed for non-technical users, opening the door for wider organizational adoption. Even with a modest QA team, Ascensus was able to quickly build automation flows, pulling business users into the process to expand test coverage.

“Leapwork has enabled us to see things in a different light and empower our wider team with testing ability. Rather than us working harder and longer, the tool picks up the workload so we can work smarter.”

Dan Madden, Director of CRM



Leapwork's visual test automation platform has revolutionized CRM application regression testing at Ascensus.

By enhancing throughput and headcount efficiency, Leapwork has significantly boosted the CRM team’s efficiency.

Leapwork’s visual tool has eliminated siloed testing at Ascensus. Now, business analysis, developers, and QA analysts own and drive the testing process. This helps Ascensus drive innovation faster.

“Personally, it’s been very empowering to be a part of. Seeing my team hit their goals is a great spot to be in, and I have to attribute a lot of our success directly to Leapwork.”

Dan Madden, Director of CRM

Webinar: How Ascensus unlocked a new testing mindset

Learn how Ascensus eliminated repetitive tasks, reduced the cost of manual testing, and achieved robust regression testing through efficient QA of their D365 platform.

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About the customer

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • 5,000 employees

Use cases

  • End-to-end regression testing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Expanding test automation cases across more apps in IT ecosystem

Key achievements

  • 10% headcount efficiency
  • 90% reduction in bugs
  • 3x increased throughput

“Thanks to Leapwork we've been able to move up the maturity scale by focusing on value creation, less technical debt, and more drivers that'll change this organization."

Dan Madden,
Director of CRM

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