Automated functional UI testing

Always exceed end-user expectations

Meet the challenge of a continuously evolving UI head-on, with a solution that makes it easy for QA teams and business analysts to collaborate, build, and maintain functional UI test automation.

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Deliver quality at speed

Quickly automate repetitive functional tests, reduce human error, and run continuously to support an agile delivery pipeline.


Find and fix problems earlier

Integrates seamlessly into your CI/CD toolset for fast feedback loops and quick resolution before problems enter production.


Easy to build and maintain automation that reduces bottlenecks and frees up time to focus on exploratory testing and UAT.


Enable business analysts to contribute and collaborate easily, for better tests that are fully aligned with user expectations.

Automate web and desktop UI with ease

Leapwork’s next-generation visual language enables anyone in your team to build test cases as flowcharts rather than code. You simply click UI elements to capture and define operations, then automate.

Maintenance that doesn’t block agility

With built-in reusability and hyper-visual debugging capabilities, Leapwork is a low maintenance solution that enables QA teams to match the pace of development.

Facilitates rapid adoption

Leapwork has the shortest learning curve on the market. This means Functional UI tests can be automated in minutes rather than days, business users can contribute easily, and tests will become better aligned with real-life expectations.

One platform for any application

Web applications

Automate any website or web app with visual flows powered by the world-leading automation framework, Selenium. No code needed.

Windows applications

Test business-critical systems in and across Windows applications with native identification of objects and elements.

Virtual desktops

Comes with image and text recognition capabilities that offer a powerful approach to automating Citrix, graphics, games and more.

Works across technology

Use the same intuitive, visual approach to automate across any technology, from SAP and Mainframe to web or Citrix.

Made for DevOps

Test earlier and integrate with any CI/CD orchestration tool for immediate feedback when something has changed.

Test across browsers and devices

Test applications in any operating system, desktop or mobile device, and browser version. Leapwork also comes with built-in Sauce Labs, BrowserStack and LambdaTest integrations.

Robust and secure

Built-in compliance with internal and external standards for data storage, backup, disaster recovery and access control.

Schedule, manage & analyze

Get the visibility you need to plan and implement efficient test automation that delivers tangible business benefits.

Governance that supports secure collaboration

Comes with a range of governance features, including tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting, shared assets, and full access control.

Seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline

Dutch insurance service provider sees dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction

Voogd Voogd fully automates UI testing, reduces execution test time, and sees quality improvements with automation from Leapwork.


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