Moving to agile

Limited resources are no longer a barrier to agility

Leapwork doesn't just improve efficiency in your delivery pipeline. It gets you to that point faster, with an automation solution that makes it easy for QA teams, business users, and developers to collaborate and build automation - then scale it quickly as requirements grow.

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Reduce the time it takes to design, build, and maintain automation so all agile stakeholders can refocus attention on other valuable tasks.

End regression

Free up time to concentrate on new features, ensure the stability of existing functionality, and extend automation coverage quickly.

Improve quality; mitigate risk

Reduce human error, protect business continuity, and have full confidence in application and process quality.

Reduce time
to market

Speed up the delivery of digital platforms and enhanced back-office systems for happier customers and employees.

Don't wait to become more agile

As established revenue streams are disrupted and consumer demands for digital services accelerate, it is essential to become more agile to stay competitive and secure emerging opportunities. Automation is a key component of success. Even better, automation that is easy to build, maintain, and scale.

That's where Leapwork comes in.

Improve collaboration and automate faster

Enable every member of
the team to contribute

Leapwork's intuitive, visual, no-code approach closes the communication gap between IT and business people by making it easy to build automation.

This means stakeholders can contribute effortlessly, less time is wasted in the case design phase, and there is optimum alignment between end-user needs and new features.

Restricted time to conduct regression? No problem.

With usability at its core, Leapwork streamlines the process of identifying and defining suitable candidates for regression, then makes it easier to build out your suite in short periods of time. 

Free up time to focus on new features

Leapwork also gives QA engineers a highly-visual way to inspect outcomes, debug complex cases, and maintain existing tests. Gain the time and flexibility your agile team needs to focus on new features.

Works across technology

Use the same intuitive, visual approach to automate across any technology, from SAP and Mainframe to web or Citrix.

Built for DevOps

Integrates seamlessly with all CI/CD tools and orchestrators for the rapid feedback needed to find and solve problems quickly.

Scale quickly

Automate processes wherever they occur in IT, from test automation and testing in production to start of day checks and RPA.

Robust and secure

Comes with tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting and dashboards, Active Directory support plus built-in compliancy features for organizations with extended requirements.

Schedule, manage & analyze

Work across teams, utilize resources efficiently, parallelize tests, and get the business intelligence needed to scale automation quickly and effectively.

Advanced analytics

Monitor outcomes at scale and make better business decisions with in-built exception reports and advanced data visualization tools from Power BI and Tableau.

Become more agile,no matter how complex your automation use case

Which technologies
do you work with?

Leapwork supports automation across any application or technology.

What do you
want to achieve?

From regression testing and CI/CD to ITSM automation, see what Leapwork can do.

Which industry
are you in?

Discover how automation from Leapwork can deliver value in your sector.

Seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences become more agile and stay ahead of the market with automation from Leapwork

BCLS improve the user experience for its global ecommerce platform by increasing the quality and frequency of feature releases.


Watch the webinar: Continuous testing in an agile environment

Learn how to keep up with every-increasing customer expectation for digital products and services, with Leapwork.

Get the guide: how to overcome agile testing challenges

Discover how test automation from Leapwork supports agile transformation.

DevOps and test automation

Learn how to implement test automation across your delivery pipeline quickly and easily.

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